Will Ofe & Taylor Get Together On 'Finding Carter'? It Could Break Up Maxlor Forever

The Wilson family's world is crashing down piece by piece in Finding Carter Season 2, but the relationship that I'm most devastated about is the one between Taylor and Max. No high school students could be more perfect for one another, which means, obviously, the show has to break them up... and put them back together... and break them up again. Taylor and Max broke up in the second episode of Season 2 for a second time in their short relationship, all because Taylor couldn't stand Max forgiving Crash for nearly killing him at that convenience store. Taylor made it pretty clear to Max that she has no intention of getting back together with him in an episode very appropriately titled "We Are Never Getting Back Together," but that doesn't mean that Taylor won't find any love this season. Taylor could still get together with Ofe, and that could be the end of Maxlor forever.

I've always liked Ofe, not in spite of his general oddness, but because of it. Ofe sees people a little bit differently than the rest of Finding Carter's characters, and it's sad that he's often overlooked or disregarded as just comic relief. Of course, that doesn't mean that I want Ofe infiltrating the Maxlor bliss — which is kind of what the show seems like it's hinting at doing. Why else would it put Ofe and Taylor, two people whose only real interaction was a game of seven minutes in heaven, in a class project situation just moments after Taylor decides she's done with her boyfriend?

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I don't want this to happen, but the more time Taylor and Max spend apart, the more it seems like a real possibility. For one thing, Ofe's a great guy! Finding Carter doesn't give Ofe much to do on a regular basis, and Taylor's a perfect in for more Ofe screentime. Plus, it makes sense for Taylor to want to be with a guy as seemingly uncomplicated as Ofe — Max and Taylor's love may be epic, but it sure comes with plenty of its own problems. Taylor could see Ofe as a great distraction from Max, and Ofe might be perfectly content with that — if he doesn't end up falling harder for her down the line, of course.

Oh, and I should probably mention this tiny, tinnnnny little spoiler from MTV about the nature of Ofe and Taylor's relationship. Exhibit A, a still from an upcoming episode:

Yikes. Things are seemingly heating up — unless this is another game of seven minutes In heaven gone awry. (Highly unlikely.) Now the real question: would Max ever be able to forgive Taylor if she starts dating Ofe? While I strongly believe that Maxlor is endgame, I can only imagine the hurt that Max would feel if Taylor decided that hooking up with his friend was easier than working on a relationship with Max. I don't think that this Crash drama will keep Max and Taylor apart for very long, but Taylor jumping into a new relationship (casual or not) could.

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