Who's Working With Charles On 'PLL'?

by Kaitlin Reilly

The Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars gave us the biggest clue to Big A's identity and it's still only a small piece of the puzzle. Charles DiLaurentis is Pretty Little Liars' Big A, and he might be Jason's twin — but we still have no idea why he has tortured the girls for seasons or how he's been able to pull everything off. Right now it seems that while Charles may be the season's big bad, he's also not alone in his torture of the girls — there is someone who is working for Charles, aka Big A. Charles' elaborate dollhouse and crazy, torturous schemes simply could not have been done alone, and his omnipresence basically proves that he's got at least a few people making sure his torture goes off without a hitch. Basically, Charles has friends in low places willing to help him systemically ruin a bunch of high schooler's lives — now the question is, just who are these people?

There are plenty of shady characters on PLL, so the list of who could be helping A really could be miles long. But while everyone's a suspect, there are definitely people who raise more eyebrows than others with their shady-as-hell behavior. So who seems most likely to have donned a black hoodie at some point? Here are a few ideas:


Lucas is a "good guy," I guess, but he's also gone over to the dark side more than one. He even worked for Mona when she was running the A Team, and joined up with her again on the "take Ali down" crusade last season. I'm not so certain that it's a coincidence that Charles DiLaurentis is an anagram for "Nerd Lucas Is The Liar" — mainly because there are no coincidences on Pretty Little Liars. If Lucas isn't Big A himself (always a possibility!) he certainly could be working for the person in charge.


There are SO many reasons to suspect Wren of being super sketchy, from his strange Radley connection to his love of underage girls, but I'm not totally convinced that he's Charles DiLaurentis. If Charles is Jason's twin, I doubt that he would have knowingly macked on not one but two of his Hastings half-sisters — and if so, boy is Charles even creepier than we thought. I wouldn't be that surprised to learn that Wren is a part of Charles' sinister plan, though — who else would have put blood in Spencer's backpack in London if not for someone already living there?


I didn't really think much about Andrew until this season, when he started being aggressively creepy. It's really too bad that none of the liars can see that yet. They don't yet know that Andrew has the archery skills needed to nearly skewer Mike, or that his last name happens to be the same one as the owner's of the apple farm where Charles and his family used to get together. Andrew's shady behavior could be a red herring, or it could be proof that he's totally and completely evil and on Charles' payroll — if he's not Charles himself.


I don't get Jenna — the girl has played so many sides that it's hard to keep track. The one thing I know for sure is that Jenna hates Ali for a more legitimate reason than anyone else on the show — Ali caused her to lose her sight, and then threatened her to prevent her from telling anyone about it. That would be enough for me to team up with Ali's crazy brother to take her down.


I'm not sure where to place Jason on this list, because I have a slight suspicion that Jason might actually be Charles DiLaurentis in the same way that Norman Bates was his mother. If that's the case, then the Jason personality is helping the Charles personality, albeit unknowingly. And that counts, right?

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