Did Nicki Minaj Just Tease Her Air Jordan Collab?

Celebrity collaborations are all the talk these days. As soon as one collections drops, another one is teased, sending us into a frenzy of how we're going to find the money to rack up on all of these goods. Such is this the case with our favorite Barbie-fied bombshell Nicki Minaj, who released images of her Air Jordan collaboration. Well, maybe.

Before her performance at the Barclay's Center on Friday night, Minaj dropped a series of photos on her Instagram that gave fans a hint that her custom sneakers are definitely on the way. The sneakers in question have a purple-and-pink gradient sole, metallic rounded toe, pink straps, what appears to be a mashup of gold and pink on the body of the shoe, and a gold Air Jordan logo on the outside ankle part of the shoe. Basically, it's a shoe made for any fan of Barbie, and it just so happens that Minaj calls them "The Pinkprints," the title of her latest album, which dropped this past fall.

The first image of the shoes was accompanied by a caption of the rapper asking, "What should I perform tonight." Was she talking about what songs she should sing at the concert or if she should wear the shoes in the photo?

Another picture of the kicks offered a little more insight, revealing that the sneakers will be available for purchase soon. But when? Under this photo, Minaj wrote:

When you're a girl but your custom #PinkprintJORDANS are about to shit on every male rapper who's ever stepped FOOT in the sneaker game!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO 😩😂😂😂😂😂 This is just a TASTE of the secret that's about to be revealed!!!!! See ya in a sec BROOKLYN!!! Barclays CENTER.#JordanBRANDClassic 😍 PrettyGANG bout to be LITTTTT 😩🎀 Yeezy's aint seein these! Let's go!!!!! #ThisIzAMadCOCKYPostOrNAH?

Minaj's mention of competing with other male rappers in the sneaker game is a very valid point, even if she was just joking. Kanye West's Yeezy Boosts, which launched during New York Fashion Week in February, got a lot of hype, as did Pharrell Williams' Adidas collection, but we haven't seen women mentioned as often when it comes to sneaker collaborations. That's not to say that they aren't out there. Solange has scored two collaborations with Puma in the past couple of years. Sophia Chang designed a collection for the brand, and Rihanna has also signed on as creative director. And, of course, we can forget the Pastries collection launched by Angela and Vanessa Simmons, the daughters of Run DMC's Russell Simmons.

Here's hoping that Minaj's upcoming collaboration will make women's footprints (or pinkprints?) heard 'round the sneaker world.

Images: Getty Images (1); @nickiminaj/Instagram