Shop Kate Bosworth's Shoe Line For Matisse Soon

by Augusta Statz

Some celebs absolutely killed it when it came to their weekend one Coachella style, and Kate Bosworth was most definitely one of them. Kate Bosworth’s capsule shoe collection for Matisse is perfect for festival season and beyond and will be available to shop soon. Based on the images that have been released so far, I’m going to want one of everything, thank you kindly!

The line is a little pricey, but not too out of control, ranging from $295-$50, and contains edgy sandals, boots, and booties that are sure to add spunk to any outfit. Whether embellished with star accents or the words “Hot Shot,” these shoes will most likely put a little pep in your step, ‘cause they are giving so much sass.

Bosworth even gave us a sneak peek at the collection when she styled them with her Coachella outfits. Talk about some major inspiration (and even more shoe envy). In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar she gave away even more styling tips for the line, so I hope you’ve got a pen and some paper handy 'cause you’ll want to take note:

“I wanted to create shapes that are versatile and can be worn in many ways. I can wear the 'Kelly' strappy sandal with denim, silk shorts or a little summer dress. The booties can be worn in a more folk-inspired manner, paired with a long skirt. I'd love to see the 'Dawn' sporty sandal works with a long black slip dress...t o balance the femininity of the dress with a sportier shoe,” she said.

Did you get all that? Ok, good. I know I did because if Kate Bosworth’s doling out fashion advice, I'll most certainly take it!

Check out Bosworth showing off the collection below, and then get ready to shop the looks for yourself! Some of the shoes are available for pre-order now at Nordstrom, but the full collection will be available to shop on April 20 at both Nordstrom and Matisse’s website.

Star Booties

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Strappy Sandals

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Hoyt Hot Shot Booties

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