5 Possible Motives For Sid Bunderslaw On 'Gotham'

by Kayla Hawkins

One name was on the tip of every fan's tongue at the end of the April 13 Gotham episode: "Bunderslaw." When the young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle teamed up to find out just who sent Reggie to kill Alfred, "Bunderslaw" was the answer. And with some behind-the-scenes detective work, it's pretty easy to find out a little basic information about who Sid Bunderslaw is and why he seems so hellbent on destroying the Wayne family legacy, especially since Bruce has only tried to keep the company honest, and Thomas and Martha have always been written as very altruistic characters.

Bunderslaw's first appearance will be in the April 20 episode, "Under the Knife," as Bruce and Selina continue tracking him in hopes of discovering the extent of his plans. And Selina killing Reggie won't be ignored, either — that's will potentially be a huge bone of contention between the two.

Meanwhile, Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and the rest of the cops are preoccupied with trying to catch Jason Lennon, also known as the Ogre, who's evaded capture for years through intimidation and blackmail. So Bruce and Selina are on their own with this one to figure out why Sid Bunderslaw is after them. And Selina hints in the trailer that Bunderslaw may even be responsible for murdering Bruce's parents — this guy's plans go all the way back to the pilot episode. Here are a few theories about Bunderslaw's possible motives.

He Has Some Kind of Monetary Stake

If Bunderslaw's interests are the same as corporate interests, then he's opposed to Bruce's investigations into the corruption at Wayne Enterprises. He's got to force Bruce out somehow, and Reggie is just the latest person sent to put him in his place.

He Wants To Take Over Wayne Enterprises

It's one of the biggest companies in the DC world and the most powerful one in Gotham City for sure. Isolating Bruce Wayne by killing every person around him might drive him to leave the city and leave behind his birthright to the company so some baddies can take over.

He's Under Contract With Maroni, Falcone, Or Another Mobster

These mobsters have been taking advantage of the lack of Wayne presence. Falcone is exploiting his connections within the company (like during the "Arkham" project) while Maroni has been brazenly getting away with things underneath the nose of the cops. And both have cops in their pockets — why not bureaucrats?

He Hates The Idea Of The Aristocracy

Maybe Bunderslaw just wants to dismantle a company that can be passed down to a teenaged boy through primogeniture. There's no way for him to know that Wayne would turn out as a philanthropic vigilante.

The Waynes Were Secretly Bad Guys

That would be a HUGE change from the comics and every other interpretation of the characters before. The Waynes are always portrayed as diplomatic defenders of justice. But Gotham has hinted at Wayne Enterprises being bad ever since it was revealed that they're connected to evil drug corporation Wellzyn. Maybe Bruce Wayne will actually join up with Sid Bunderslaw in order to stop whatever his parents started.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; GothamGifs/Tumblr (7)