There’s A ‘Fuller House’ Easter Egg In One Very Suspicious ‘Full House’ Episode

It's been less than a day since it was announced that a Full House spinoff would be coming to Netflix next year, but already, the information is streaming in. So far, fans know that the series will revolve around D.J., Steph and Kimmy; that D.J. is widowed and has three sons; and that the first episode of the show will feature a family reunion, hopefully with every original Tanner, even the Olsens, making an appearance. Yet as of now, those are the only details that are known — except for the possibility that the spinoff announced on 4/20 called Fuller House is based on an episode of Full House called "Fuller House" that was Season 4, episode 20. Coincidence? I, for one, think not.

Sure, the plots don't quite add up — as you might expect, "Fuller House" had nothing to do with grown-up D.J. and her romantic troubles — but the similarities are just too striking. Not only do the spinoff and the episode share the same name, but the numerology is identical; 4/20 and 4, 20? Clearly, it's a calculated plot by ABC, and as the person who has unraveled this conspiracy, I feel that it is my duty to spread it to the Full House-loving masses.

Because, after all, if you're about to spend the rest of your waking hours watching the Tanner siblings banter and argue (and come on, you know you are), you deserve to know what you're getting yourself into. Here's all the proof you need that Fuller House is definitely going to based on that Season 4 episode:

There Was A Full Cast Reunion

In the very first minutes of "Fuller House," nearly all members of the cast are shown together, thanks to the return of Jesse and Becky from their Bora Bora honeymoon. When the newlyweds walk into the house, they're greeted with cheers, hugs, and loving comments, a sure sign of what to expect when the whole cast inevitably reunites on Fuller House.

D.J. Got Hit With An Unexpected Roommate

In the description of Fuller House, it's said that D.J., newly widowed, ends up sharing her house with her sister, Steph, and her best friend, Kimmy. In "Fuller House," D.J. thinks she's finally getting her own space, but learns, to her surprise, that Steph is going to stay her roommate.

There Was A Flashback

Midway through "Fuller House," Jesse and Danny reminisce about their early times together in the house, leading to a Season 1 flashback clip. Although nothing has been said on the subject, it's practically guaranteed that the spinoff will include flashbacks to the original show. How could it not?

There Was Crying. A Lot Of It.

It's not outlandish to expect that Fuller House will feature its fair share of tears. After all, the whole point of the show is that D.J. is widowed; add in the family reunions and sappy moments we all know are coming, and it'd be a surprise if a single episode went by without someone bursting into sobs. Similarly, "Fuller House" was all about the crying — first Michelle, upset over Jesse's decision to move out, and then Jesse, torn over leaving his beloved niece. It was one of the show's most cry-filled episodes, surely an omen of what to expect from the spinoff.

It Was All About New Beginnings

The Full House spinoff, even with a plot reversing the original show's premiere, is all about starting anew. Instead of Danny raising his girls, it's D.J. doing the parenting, and figuring out how to balance her family and personal life while living in an increasingly crowded house. Sound familiar? That's pretty much what happens in "Fuller House," except with Jesse at the center. Now married to Becky, Jesse juggles the pain of leaving his family with the excitement of starting a home with his wife, ultimately choosing to stay in the jam-packed house and combine both worlds. It's loud, chaotic, and heartwarming — just like Fuller House is probably going to be.

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