9 Movies Leaving Netflix In May That You Need To Binge Watch Immediately

Another month has come and gone, and that means we must say our tearful goodbyes to another batch of Netflix movies that are set to leave the site in May. We've all come to enjoy the convenience of having 12 Dogs of Christmas, a Bratz movie and season 9 of Bridezillas readily available to watch on the streaming service — but come May, they will be leaving us, along with a ton of other titles. I know I took these for granted, and now I only have a few days to binge-watch all of them to my heart's content.

There's always May's Netflix releases to look forward to, such Fruitvale Station, the film that put Fantastic Four 's Michael B. Jordan on the map; the latest Latika stop-motion animation spectacular, The Boxtrolls ; and the bloody but brilliant Quentin Tarantino flick Inglourious Basterds . But until then, we still have a little more than a week's time to enjoy what we have.

Given the limited time frame compared to the number of movies leaving Netflix in May, we all have to be picky...unless you're fortunate enough to live the housewife life and have all the live long day to watch whatever you want. For the rest of us, though, we need to break it down. Here are the films you should watch for the first time or for one last time on Netflix in April.

A Knight's Tale

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I'm sure we all have different films that made us fall in love with the talent and charm of Heath Ledger, whether that was 10 Things I Hate About You, The Four Feathers, that pretty bad Brothers Grimm movie, or what have you. Though, A Knight's Tale is pretty high on this list. It's a love story for the ages: a medieval peasant dreaming of becoming a jousting champion enters the royal competition posing as a knight. He soon falls in love with a captivating beauty and their love is put to the test.


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The new James Bond movie, Spectre, is scrambling to finish production before its November release. I know you probably already forgot about what happens in the previous one, so be sure to catch up on where we are in the Daniel Craig-led 007 universe before the new one comes out and blows our minds.


TheWorldofTrailers on YouTube

Airplane! is a classic. It was the disaster spoof movie before disaster spoof movies became a thing. Starring The Naked Gun Leslie Nielson, Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty, the film sees what happens when an airplane crew falls ill mid-flight and the only person of landing the craft safety is an ex-pilot afraid of flying.

Along Came Polly

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Remember when we weren't completely sick of Ben Stiller's comedy schtick? Or maybe this was during that time. Anyway, Along Came Polly was one of the more bearable films — when Ben Stiller learned to salsa dance, so did we. And as an added bonus, we get the late Philip Seymour Hoffman at his most hilarious.

Boys Don't Cry

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Hilary Swank gave a career-high performance as a transgender man looking to find himself and find love in Nebraska. If you look at the current headlines stemming from LGBT and trans issues, and imagine how much worse they were in the past few decades ago, this is no easy task. Boys Don't Cry is emotional, uplifting and worthy of one last viewing before it leaves Netflix.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

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What better way to celebrate Sandra Bullock's ascension to People magazine's title of Most Beautiful Woman than by watching one of her well-known films? Bullock plays a woman who stumbles on her mother's scrapbook that detailed the crazy adventures she used to have with her best friends. Ya-Ya forever!

Romancing the Stone

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This one is a serious #TBT. If you want to see what Michael Douglas looked like as a young man, while also watching an adventurous love story of sorts, then Romancing the Stone is for you. After her sister gets kidnapped in Cambodia while searching for a rare jewel, a woman sets out to get her back, but she's gonna need the help of a strange, Indiana Jones-esque man.

The Brothers Bloom

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You need to see The Brothers Bloom for the director. This film is Rian Johnson's second feature film directorial effort, and it proves why he's such a masterful filmmaker. He has since gone on to make the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Bruce Willis time-travel sci-fi movie Looper, and he's going to direct Star Wars: Episode VIII. He's a major talent, and you should see where it all got started.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement


I'm not gonna lie, the Princess Diaries movies are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, which is why I'm sad to see the sequel leave us. Another round with the princess of Genovia? Raven-Symone? A song from Julie Andrews, who also mattress surfs down a stairwell? What's not to love?