9 Things Black Sky From 'Daredevil' Can't Be — Hey, We've Got To Simplify This Mystery Somehow

Alright Daredevil fans, I hear you. The hot question on everyone's mind after watching all 13 episodes is simple: What is Black Sky from Daredevil ? I want to know, you want to know, and your mom who won't stop texting you questions about it would very much like to know. Much as I hate to admit this: I have no freaking idea. I cannot find anything in the comics that mention it, and the details in the series itself are painfully sparse. All we have to go on are vague hints and some seriously opaque discussion around it. Not all hope is lost however, now that Netflix has renewed Daredevil for Season 2 you can bet that Black Sky will be a major factor in the upcoming episodes. But for those of you who are unwilling to wait until 2016 (2016! How will we make it?) to get some answers, I have decided to take matters into my own hands.

We're going to figure out what Black Sky is, even if we have to do it through process of elimination. Sure, that's crazy, but if Daredevil taught me anything (aside from the fact that parkour has found a way to be relevant again because I'm pretty sure I know how to fight like that after 13 hours of viewing) it's that sometimes crazy works. So here are the nine things that Daredevil's Black Sky could not possibly be. With any luck we'll have this figured out in no time.

The Key

Is anyone else having some Buffy the Vampire Slayer related flashbacks? Mystery kid of unknown origin and unspecified power. Forces of good and evil are fighting over them... kind of sounds like Dawn to me. The similarities may be there, but I feel pretty darn confident that Black Sky isn't the secret to unlocking the gates between all existing dimensions

The Tesseract

While this would be a pretty sweet Marvels: Avengers crossover I don't think that they'd put an Asgardian artifact in the middle of the series. Plus, the tesseract would have had to transform into a human shape and we all know it's a geometric cube (pushes up glasses). So yes, we can cross this one off the list.

Fisk's Master Plan

Oh, you can bet Mr. Fisk will be back in Season 2, and you know he's still got a plan in motion. That plan however, is likely separate from the Black Sky plan. Fisk's collaborator Nobu might have been super involved with it, but he never seemed to mention it to Fisk. I'm really hoping this stays true; I can't imagine what Fisk would do with something that dangerous.

A Tardis

Wouldn't this be just the coolest? The great mystery turns out to be a time machine and spacecraft and then we get Dr. Who in the mix and Clara and Matt start flirting and before you know it we have a Karen/Matt/Clara love triangle — you get the idea. It would be amazing, but there's no way it's happening.

Thor's Hammer

I know, I already ruled out Asgardian gadgets being at play here, so Black Sky and the hammer couldn't possibly be the same. I really just want more Thor on my screen and I don't care how it happens — is that so wrong? But I swear by the hammer of Grabthar and Thor we will figure this out!

Matt Murdock's Regenerating Cane

This isn't that much of a long-shot, considering how many canes Matt threw away in the street or dropped in a fight. Does he have an everlasting supply at home? Or is he constantly having to buy new ones? (These are the questions that keep me up at night.) Either way, his cane is likely not the big B.S.

Theta Protocol

In a world where Carl Creel can fight Matt Murdock's dad, couldn't we have Agent Coulson trying to control Black Sky by enabling the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Theta Protocol? I'd like to say yes, but statistically... probably not.

The Force

It's powerful. It's mysterious. It drives men to extremes. Black Sky is the force. Ah, no. They'd never make it that easy on us and the force is everywhere — not the rarity that a Black Sky is. Much as I'd love to see yoda show up in Daredevil, I think we can take this one off the list.

A Normal Kid

The only glimpse of Black Sky we've seen has been of a small, normal looking (if heavily guarded) young boy. With all of the extremes Stick was willing to go to in removing him, and the general fuss everyone was kicking up there is only one thing I know for sure about him. He was (or is) not a normal kid. He's got power's and is likely highly dangerous, as is anyone else dubbed a "Black Sky."

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