'Jurassic World's New Clip Is A Nail Biter, But What Does It Tell Us About The Movie? — VIDEO

Big, big news, guys: A new Jurassic World clip has been unleashed, and the cool factor is strong with this one. While the previous Jurassic World clip was all about establishing the relationship between Chris Pratt's Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire, the new clip gets down to business with an adrenaline-fueled dinosaur chase scene. It is hard not to get swept up in the "wow" factor during the first viewing (the clip will seriously make you feel like a kid again), but take another look — this small piece of the film is loaded with plot points.

For starters, it introduces the Indominus Rex — a newly-engineered dinosaur who is set to wreak havoc on the park — and establishes just how deadly she will be. The scene appears to come from early in the film, since Claire is in the dark about what is going on and the tech team cannot get the doors shut in time to keep the Rex from escaping into the park. Previous trailers established Owen has a way with the raptors, but the Rex has no interest in establishing a relationship based on "mutual respect." Instead, she wants to eat people — lots and lots of people.

Check out the new clip and watch Pratt get his action hero on:

Plotwise, the new clip drops a couple of serious spoilers: The most important one is it shows the Indominus Rex entering the main area of the park. If you watch closely towards the end of the clip, you can clearly see her step through the doors. The park-goers are so not going to know what hit them.

The other big spoiler is the Indominus Rex herself. Yes, we have seen her before, but the clip gives us a clear look at her power. We all love to make fun of T. Rex arms, but the Indominus Rex has a long reach and grabby hands (rest in peace, random park worker who is not played by Pratt). It was bad enough that the previous visitors to Jurassic Park had to worry about being munched on by those crazy dinosaur teeth, but these poor suckers have to deal with a dinosaur who can scoop you up like a super-sized soda with ease.

As a comedy nerd, my favorite revelation from the clip is that Andy Dwyer is not the only beloved sitcom character to find employment at Jurassic World, Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) is rocking it as this movie's Ray Arnold. Jess would be so proud!

Jurassic World premieres June 12.

Image: Universal