7 Of Tom Hiddleston’s Earliest Roles That Even The Most Hardcore Fans May Not Have Seen

Tom Hiddleston has won the hearts of ladies (and gentlemen!) around the world in recent years, and for good reason. He's got dashing good looks, a pretty awesome personality, and, of course, amazing talent as an actor. And while he's only started to gain more recognition after taking on more high profile roles like Loki in Thor and the Avengers movies, he's actually had quite a lengthy and successful Hollywood career for over a decade! That's right — he's got far more to him than meets the eye. But how many of his movies could you actually name off the top of your head?

In fact, Hiddleston's acting career began back in 2001 back in his native England, with his first small role coming in a TV movie version of The Life and Adventures of Nicolas Nickelby back in 2001. Since then, he's gone on to accumulate an impressive 42 acting credits, which is probably more than any of us would have previously thought. The first decade or so saw Hiddleston mostly starring in TV shows and documentaries, but it's when he made his move to the big screen that his career really took off. His latest movies are by far his most popular, but that doesn't mean his early work is any less worth watching.

If you happen to find yourself with a case of Hiddleston Fever and don't know how to cure it, I've got just the thing. Check out these 7 lesser-known Hiddleston movies and you'll be good as gold (or worse off - who can say?).

Archipelago (2010)

A family goes on a vacation to the Isles of Scilly (which, Google tells me, is off the southwestern tip of the Cornish peninsula of Great Britain) and all the cracks in their previously happy family begin to show. Ah, gotta love a bit of family drama. Hiddleston is Edward, the son of the family who's about to go off to Africa for a year of service. Rotten Tomatoes says it's good (it got a 95% rating), so get a hold of this one!

Unrelated (2007)

A woman named Anna goes to stay with her friends at their holiday villa after becoming totally disillusioned with her current relationship. There, she meets Oakley (played by Hiddleston) and the pair hit it off and get into lots of youthful trouble, which causes trouble with Anna's friend's family as a whole. Ooh, dark. I'm in!

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

If the title of this movie isn't enough to pull you in, I should also tell you that it's a Jim Jarmusch movie and Tilda Swinton is it, too. You totally wanna see it now, right? Hiddleston's character is Adam, a vampire who gets up to some rather unsavory activities, but hey — doesn't that kinda make him sexier?

Midnight In Paris (2011)

Caroline Amaral on YouTube

This Woody Allen movie isn't really "unknown" as such, but it might be to Hiddleston fans. But listen — if you think Hiddleston is hot on his own, you ain't seen nothing until you've seen him as writer F. Scott Fitzgerald in Owen Wilson's Paris reverie. Something about that era just suits him, and while it's not a leading role, it is one of my personal favs.

A Waste Of Shame: The Mystery Of Shakespeare And His Sonnets (2005)

Maryx Hiddlestoner on YouTube

Technically, A Waste Of Shame was a TV movie, but WHATEVER. I like to live on the edge. I make my own rules! As it's an earlier role, Hiddleston isn't really center stage, but it's worth it to see him as John Hall in this Shakespeare drama. Plus, that mustache? Forget it.

Exhibition (2013)

Abigail Castro on YouTube

Hiddleston is the estate agent in charge of, well, the estate of a contemporary artist couple whose work is threatened by the forthcoming sale of their home. Seeing him all clean cut, in a suit with no facial hair, is pretty great (and the movie is good even without him, which means he only makes it better).

Stars In Shorts (2012)

No, Hiddleston isn't wearing shorts in this movie. The title is a reference to the fact that the film is actually a collection of shorts - surprise! Hiddleston is part of Judi Dench's short, which is entitled 'Friend Request Pending'. In it, two older ladies trying to woo boyfriends via Facebook get a bit more than they bargained for, and Hiddleston's character Tom helps move the plot along.

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