Beauty Industry Titans Share Their Mothers' Advice

Have you ever wondered what the founders of some of your mom's favorite companies buy their moms for Mother's Day? Women's Wear Daily asked beauty company founders like Jessica Alba of The Honest Co. about "lessons from your mother," and what they each gift their moms when that May day rolls around. Think about it: If you're still looking for Mother's Day Gift ideas, there's a pretty good chance that you might end up buying her some personal care products, be it in skincare, makeup, or hair products. Whether mom's a practical woman who just wants something she can use, or someone who delights in the frivolity and luxury of self-care items, it's a good bet you'll be turning to the beauty industry!

Alba says her mom taught her that her possibilities were limitless and, "Even if it looks like there are obstacles, you’ll find a solution if you’re resourceful and hardworking." Uh, I'd say that turning a film career into a sustainable lifestyle brand that's worth around $1 billion definitely proves that Alba took that advice to heart.

As for Robin McGraw, founder of Robin McGraw Revelation, it sounds like her mom was a good time because her maxim was, “Life is short! Let’s have some fun!" I can definitely get behind that.

The most touching legacy definitely goes to Lisa Price's mom Carol Hutson, though, who Price named her natural hair line Carol's Daughter after. Hutson lived with a collagen vascular disease from the age of 22 until she passed away at 66. Price said that her mother's treatment involved lots of steroids and intense medication throughout her whole life, which left her mobility limited. Hutson's lesson to her daughter was her example of never complaining, despite her circumstances, and being "the-glass-is-half-full type of person" who raised Price to be the same way.

So what do women with an arsenal of beauty and personal care products actually get their moms? Well, a lot of beauty products, apparently. Some of these answers seem a little "PR-speak" for me, but you know how moms just love and are proud of everything their kids make them, even if it's a macaroni collage? I guess that would transfer over to luxury beauty products, too.

Alba, Price, and makeup giant Sonia Kashuk were among those who said they gift their moms with their own products. McGraw says the best gift is a personal one: A hand-written letter, which is where my mom would totally agree. Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar, says she likes to pamper her mama with a gift of a facial or massage. And Bluemercury founder Marla Malcolm says she sends her mom a huge box of La Mer facial products.

I don't know about you, but my price range is a little closer to "hand-written" letter than "box of La Mer." If you're lucky enough to have a mom who you have a good relationship with, I'm pretty sure she'd appreciate the latter. Okay, and maybe a few Sonia Kashuk products, too.

Images: Cash Warren/Instagram; IAmLisaPrice/Twitter