Cara Delevingne Wins Rising Star Award For Acting

Cara Delevingne is really taking her new acting gig seriously. So much so that this weekend the model-turned-actress was given the Rising Star Award at Cinemacon. From the catwalk to the big screen, she is certainly building quite an impressive resumé.

Last week news broke that Delevingne refused to be typecast in films, saying that she often deals with obstacles such as being asked to play the "stupid blonde" or "sexy girlfriend." And the role for which she was awarded for her performance in the film Paper Towns proves that she was serious about her acting career. In the film, Delevingne plays Margo, who seeks to get revenge against her boyfriend and befriends her neighbor, played by Nat Wolff, to help her. As their relationship grows thicker and they fall in love, Margo suddenly goes missing, sending her neighbor and friends to go on an enlightening journey to find her. The story is heartfelt (which is no surprise since it's under the umbrella of The Fault in Our Stars) and just from the trailer alone, you can tell that Delevingne's phone will certainly be ringing off the hook for new roles.

The fashion world got a dose of Delevingne's acting chops when she starred alongside Pharrell Williams in a Chanel-produced flick. Of course, that was just fashion and only lasted a few minutes. However, when Delevingne puts her mind to something, she definitely dreams big. So big that a simple video clip won't do; she's aiming for the big screen. With the Rising Star Award under her belt, one can only wonder whether or not our favorite supermodel has her eyes set on appearing on the Oscars' red carpet more than she does the runway.

Paper Towns is slated to come to a theater near you on July 27th. And, according to Complex, Delevingne is expected to star in another film, Suicide Squad, a DC Comics flick that premieres next year.

Images: Getty Images (1); 20thCenturyFox/YouTube