Kendall Jenner Reveals Adorable Freckles On Insta


The makeup-free selfie is becoming a trend with celebrities, models, and regular women alike. Each time we see a new #makeupfreeselfie, it's a sense of empowerment for women to bare your face naturally. Kendall Jenner's latest makeup-free selfie features the gorgeous model with a freckled face — a side (or face, I should say) that a lot of people have never seen before.

At first glance I thought the freckles may have been drawn on for one of Jenner's photoshoots, but her caption is nothing more than the baby emoji, which makes me think she was going for the caption "baby face" but didn't want to spell it out. (Good thing Kendall can now hashtag emojis!)

Maybe Kendall's gotten a fair share of sun recently, and her freckles are coming back for the warmer months, but whatever it is, we love the natural look on her. Girls with freckles, don't be afraid to let you natural beauty marks shine! If Kendall can rock it, so can you!

But if you are going to ditch the makeup this summer, don't forget the SPF since freckles and sun spots are caused by sun exposure and can result in sun damagae. You may love your natural, freckled look, but their may be a cost to baring it all naturally.

We've seen several celebs who are all about their freckles, but who knew Kendall would be one of them? Could freckles be the latest beauty trend to sweep the nation? It's the complete opposite of the one her sister has started (#KylieJennerLipChallenge), but it's definitely an alternative that I'm hoping we see more of instead.

Summer is almost here, and it's about feeling effortlessly beautiful. We think Kendall has got that look down. Take note from the bare-faced, confident model and do the same!