Anna & Aubrey Are Turtle-riffic BFFs

by Kristie Rohwedder

If there was ever an occasion to quote Hilary Duff classic “What Dreams Are Made Of”, this is the occasion: Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza will join Zac Efron and Adam Devine in wedding date comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Ready for the H. Duff? Sing it with me: Hey now! Hey now! This is what dreams are made of! This is not the first time the pals have worked together: Both Kendrick and Plaza were in graphic novel adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and zombie flick Life After Beth. Look, it'd be a boldfaced lie if I said Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates didn't have me in the palm of its hand at "Zac Efron," but adding two of my dream best friends to the cinematic stew is a recipe for success. Calling it now: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates will be my favorite movie of the decade.

Does it get much better than the dynamic duo of Kendrick and Plaza? DOUBT IT. I want to be BFFs with both of the real-life BFFs. Don’t make me choose a BFF. I want to be in a BFF trio with Kendrick and Plaza. Is that too much to ask?

Plaza and Kendrick's BFFship is pretty much why the hashtag "#friendshipgoals" exists:

There was that time Plaza called out Kendrick for not texting back...

...and sent her an epic Hillary Clinton/Katy Perry photobomb.

And there was that time they took an impromptu trip to Mexico

They brought new meaning to "Turtle Time."

Oh! And there was that time Plaza shared a very awesome career goal

Said very awesome career goal involves Kendrick. In an interview with Nylon , Plaza painted the following gorgeous picture:

Hmm, hopefully when I’m 70, Anna Kendrick and I will have our multicam sitcom, exactly like The Golden Girls. We’ll just be two fast-talking sexual ladies hitting on younger guys.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. If we wish hard enough, will this come true?

Any time they root for each other

They are just such supportive pals:



Even their fights are fun.

Plaza accepts Kendrick for who she is

True friend stuff.

Kendrick knows the key to Plaza's heart

And the key is Crazy Town lyrics.

When one covered the other's barista shift

Again, true friend stuff. (OK, OK, this is not real life. This coffee shop exists in the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World world. UGH, how I wish that coffee shop was real.)