7 Ideas For Bachelorette Party Games That Don't Involve Penis Straws, Because You Can Get Much More Creative

We place a lot of pressure on bachelorette parties. Soon-to-be-wed women are told this night is their "last hurrah," so they need to have the most raunchy and alcohol-fueled night possible, with all the penis-shaped accessories currently available on the market. Now, if that's what the bachelorette wants, then that better be what the bachelorette gets. But lots of women want unconventional bachelorette parties. They are stressed before the big day and are just looking forward to some relaxing time with loved ones from throughout their entire lives. Some bachelorettes don't marry people with penises, so they might not get as much of a kick out of penis straws (or maybe they will — but think outside of the bachelorette-party-faux-penis box!) Neither the organizer nor the bride should feel pressured to make it raunchy, especially if the bride is inviting people of all ages or isn't super comfortable expressing her sexuality in public. Just make sure you talk to the bachelorette and figure out what type of night she is imagining.And remember, bachelorette parties don't have to center around games. Perhaps she'll want everybody to go with her to a concert or on a trip to a fun destination (which will hopefully go better than it did in Bridesmaids). Keep your options open.If the bachelorette does want a night filled with games, here are some ideas ranging from raunchy to family-friendly:

1. Costume Party

What is the bride's favorite movie or book? Favorite musicians? Everyone can dress up like a character or a musician (or whatever the bride likes best) in her honor. The rest of the party doesn't necessarily have to center around Cher Horowitz or Stevie Nicks; it would just be kinda cute for the bride to celebrate surrounded not only by her friends, but by lookalikes of some of her favorite pop culture figures. You can leave it at that, or incorporate some more game aspects with trivia about the movie, book, or musician, or turn it into a costume contest where the bride picks the winner.

2. The Most Ridiculous Couple's Toy

So many ridiculous couple's toys are on the market today - Fundies, or underwear meant to fit two people at the same time, Smittens, or shared mittens, etc. Why not have some fun seeing who gets their hands on the weirdest one? While some ridiculous toys are more expensive than others, you are still asking guests to pay for something; be sure to keep that in mind when considering whether or not to implement such an activity. However, if you don't think the extra money will be a problem for your guests, it could be a party game with lots of laughs. The bride doesn't need to receive numerous absurd gag gifts, so guests should be divided into teams (which will also make it more affordable.) After each team presents their ridiculous couple's toy, the bride picks her favorite/the winner.

Try: Fundies Undies for Two, $10, Amazon

Try: Smittens Mittens for Couples, $35, Amazon

3. Games That Get The Bride Free Stuff For Sexy Times

You shouldn't only give her gag gifts for the bedroom, so you might want to try one of these games out too:

The Lingerie Guessing Game – Each guest brings a brand new article of lingerie (shoutout to hygiene) in the bride's size. Guests bring lingerie based on how well it represents themselves, because the object of the game is for the bachelorette to guess who brought each sexy unmentionable. If she correctly guesses, then that guest has to drink. If she is wrong, then she has to drink. Regardless, the bachelorette gets to keep all of the lingerie. And if you don't want to drink at your bachelorette party, you can easily remove that component or replace it with something else!

Try: Avidlove Sexy Lace Babydoll Lingerie Set, $13, Amazon

The Bachelorette Party PinataMake a pinata for the bachelorette to break, but fill it with massage oils, lubes, sex toys, and gift cards for fun date nights (restaurants, hotels, spas, etc.)

Try: Penis Pecker Pinata, $30, Amazon

4. Bachelorette Mad Libs

Remember Mad Libs from your elementary school days? How you'd fill in the blank with the most inappropriate word you could think of so that you and your friends could laugh? Help the bride rediscover that youthful, playful part of herself as she preps for her next journey into adulthood. You can find tons of adult and bachelorette-themed Mad Libs on Amazon for less than $5. Plus, it's cool that she can keep the completed Mad Libs book as a memento, and all the guests can take turns filling in the blanks.

Try: Kama Sutra Mad Libs, $5, Amazon

5. Sexy Quizzes

Quizzes are a great option when you're planning the party because you can make them as raunchy or as sentimental as the bachelorette prefers. She is the guest of honor, so it's a perfect way to make an activity centered around her. You can have the guests play Who Knows The Bachelorette? which includes questions like “Who was her first kiss?” and “Has she ever gotten in trouble with the police?” This example also has a drinking game element, if the bride wants to have a drunken celebration. You can follow this model to create a Never Have I Ever type quiz, or make a She Said/Partner Said quiz, where guests have to figure out to which partner a certain quote is attributed.

Try: How Well Do You Know The Bride?, $15, Amazon

Try: She Said/He Said, $15, Amazon

6. Scavenger Hunt

Similarly, a scavenger hunt can be as raunchy, sentimental, or adventurous as the bride wants. Most of the ready-made scavenger hunts that you'll find online take place at bars and mention challenges like “Get a free drink from a bartender” and “Dance with 10 different strangers.” If these sound like the kinds of activities that the bride is up for, knock yourself out! But maybe she will prefer a scavenger hunt that is more focused on inside jokes and memories, or maybe one focused on trivia relevant to her life. Be creative and personal!

Try: Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Supplies, $9, Amazon

7. More Appropriate Fun

Depending on who the bachelorette wants to invite, sexual games that involve alcohol might not be great. There are plenty of other fun things to do! Toilet Paper Wedding Gown - One of my close friends had a beautiful, family-friendly party in a relative's backyard, and this Project Runway-inspired game was enjoyable for everybody. Guests were split into teams and had five minutes to create a wedding gown made entirely out of toilet paper on their chosen model. The bachelorette's favorite design won the game. Her little cousins had a ball throwing the toilet paper around, we loved making outfits for each other out of toilet paper, and her older relatives thought it was hilarious. You can take this idea and make it your own. Maybe guests have to design an outfit besides a wedding gown, or maybe you'll incorporate some more adult elements.

Try: Bulk Toilet Paper, $45, AmazonMemorabilia Box - This game not only helps all of the guests from different times in the bride's life get acquainted, but it also allows everyone to create a gift for her together. Provide supplies for the guests, and give them 15 minutes to create a personalized note, drawing, poem, etc. that celebrates one of their favorite memories with the bachelorette. At the end, people can talk about what memories they chose to highlight. An added bonus is that you can still be raunchy if that's really important to you, because the only person who will ever see it is the bride. No need to worry about Grandma!

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