Proof Whitney Bischoff Will Rock Motherhood, Because She & Chris Soules Are An Epic Couple

Now that Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are engaged, I can't help but think about their future together. I know that they plan to get married first, but I'm also just so excited for when they have children. Bachelor babies are the best, and I already know Whitney Bischoff is going to be a great mom. She and Soules are planning to take things slow when it comes to having children, but she definitely does want them. The 29 year old even froze her eggs when she was 27, just in case.

"[We] definitely [want kids], so one step at a time: Dancing With the Stars, the move to Iowa, the wedding, and eventually a family," she told Us Weekly recently. I can't wait for that to happen. I already used a photo mashup website to determine what Soules and Bischoff's kids would look like and they're likely going to be adorable. And I know Chris Soules will be a great father. (He's only been dreaming about his little Iowan family forever!)

Together, The Bachelor couple is sure to be some great parents. Whichever child ends up with Bischoff as a mom is going to be one lucky kid. Here are seven reasons she'll be the best mother.

She's Already A Mom To This Cutie

Raising a pet is harder than it looks, and great practice for the real thing.

She's Ready To Settle Down

It looks like she understands the joys of motherhood (and girl talk), and she seems prepared for that life with Chris.

She's Worked With Babies For Years

As a fertility nurse, she knows the recipe to keeping a baby healthy while pregnant, which means when she has her own baby it'll get only the best of care.

And She Keeps Up With Them After They're Born

Her job doesn't stop when the mom gets pregnant. Whitney knows just as much about babies after they're born as she does about fertility.

She Loves Kids

Or as she lovingly calls them, little burritos.

She Doesn't Mind Giving Up Her Time For Children

Once she's a mom her time is going to be booked solid, but she already doesn't seem to mind spending Saturdays with kids rather than hitting the town.

Her Mom Was A Big Inspiration To Her

Whitney grew up with a single mom and cherished her love and support. She learned from the best and there's no doubt she'll be a great mom, too, when the time comes.

Image: Ida Mae Astute/ABC