'Empire' Roles Taylor Swift Should Totally Play

by Kenya Foy

Well, it's not exactly a crossover between Nashville and Empire but it’s close... sort of. According to a few Instagram posts, Taylor Swift and Empire actress Serayah are friends. For those who are unfamiliar with FOX’s super popular hip hop drama, Serayah portrays R&B singer Tiana on the show. Now obviously, seeing Serayah and Swift happily posing away with Lorde, HAIM and Halston Sage immediately brought to mind a ton of possibilities, including the idea of Swift landing a role on Empire .

Hey, it could totally happen, right? Swift is known for her songwriting prowess and basically dominating the music world, but she does have some acting experience (namely, Valentine's Day) — and adding Empire to her list of credentials certainly wouldn’t hurt. Although Empire is largely centered around hip-hop, Swift wouldn’t be the first pop star to appear on the show. With previous appearances by singers like Estelle and Rita Ora, Swift would actually be in pretty good company, not to mention the show’s already outstanding cast.

Since music appears to have Swift sufficiently occupied at the moment (she’s about to start a tour in Japan), her schedule definitely wouldn’t allow for a permanent role, but I could totally think of a few guest roles she could tackle on Empire:


Switft could steal the scene with a brief red carpet appearance, or an awards show performance.

Tiana's Cutthroat Frenemy

Sorry Swifties. It's not that I want to cast a dark shadow on Swift's history of being as awesome friend, but Tay playing Tiana's friend would be way too tame for Empire. Her character totally needs to cause some drama, like making a scene at one of Tiana's video shoots or threatening to expose some damaging information from her past. It'd be even better because Swift and Serayah are friends IRL.

An Awkward Empire Intern Who Gets On Cookie's Bad Side

Swift could play the awkward, nervous type who accidentally spills coffee on one of Cookie's fur coats. (Obviously Boo Boo Kitty would absolutely adore her.)

Wayward Chick From Jail Who Wants to Sing that Cookie Signs to Empire to Piss off Lucious

Um, that does sound like a bit much, but hey this is Empire where the complicated, calculated drama is endless.

A Songwriter Who Works With Elle Dallas

Yikes. With Dallas' nasty drug addiction, this character would definitely have a tough job.

An Aggressive Public Relations Executive

With a character who only wears black and has a tongue that cuts like a knife, Swift could be the Kelly Cutrone of Empire — especially if she represents Lucious' rival Billy Baretti.

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