9 Pictures Of Tom Hiddleston Eating That Will Make You Hungry, Too — PHOTOS

There's something really unfair about being a Hiddlestoner, and it's that Tom Hiddleston basically looks perfect no matter what he's doing. I wish I were exaggerating, but the actor makes casual clothes look like designer suits, and takes candid photos like he's been professionally styled. Tom Hiddleston makes even eating look sexy. Like, he'll just be living his regular life, eating lunch and snacking on some chocolate or chips or whatever, having no idea that he's ruining a bunch of fangirls' lives. (Or, maybe he does know, because that would explain a lot.)

But, although he regularly overwhelms me with his awesomeness, I also don't ever want him to stop. Honestly, the only thing worse than lots of Tom Hiddleston news and photos is no Tom Hiddleston news and photos. I'd rather be overwhelmed by his beautiful face than not see it at all. So, even though he's destroyed my ovaries a number of times just by existing, I also don't really mind.

Besides, there's nothing better than a good Hiddleston-plus-food picture. It combines my two loves into one photo. So, check out these nine times Hiddleston went snacking and made you hungry too.

When He Ate Chocolate Before An Interview

Midgardian _ on YouTube

If the only thing you do right now is watch this video, your day will have been a success. Also, I never knew someone saying "chocolate" could be so cute.

When His Fans Brought Him Chips

Dedicated Hiddlestoners in Germany brought the actor a snack, which he greatly appreciated after a long day of filming.

When He Shared A Treat With Cookie Monster

He looks so genuinely delighted.

When There Was Dinner And A Show

Spotted: a wild Hiddles eating before going on stage for Coriolanus.

When He Sucked A Blood Popsicle

This is so sensual; it's almost (definitely) cruel.

When He Ate An Orange

There are those stunning cheekbones again!

When He Stabbed Our Ovaries...I Mean, His Dinner

My favorite thing about these pictures is that he is just a man on a mission. He mustn't be slowed down by food.

When He Peeled A Banana

Everything about this picture — from the glasses to the banana — is the best.

When He Made A Baked Potato

As part of his Live Below the Line challenge, Hiddles tried to eat off only $1.50 per day to raise awareness for child hunger. So, one day he made a baked potato and filmed it for the world to see. #Bless.

Now, if you'll excuse me...

Images: endearinglycreepy, iwasbickle, lokilaufeyson/Tumblr; Martha Sorren/Bustle; imgur