Why You Should Absolutely Adore Your Hips

Several years ago, a younger version of myself might have suggested tricks for "minimizing the appearance of your hips" (yeah, the follies of youth.) Now I'm singing a body positivity tune, and it's all about why you should love your hips. No more saddlebag shame. No more crying in the dressing room. No more obsessive reps of clamshells and lateral lunges. You are lovable, no matter the size or shape of your hips.

Got "child-bearing" hips? "Tomboyish" ones? Well, guess what? Beautiful, fascinating women from Eve to to Iman have had hips — and probably always will. Google Iggy Azalea hips and hundreds of thousands of search results pop up, from blogs to forums. That's a whole lot of thought and digital ink spilt. Dang, hips got gravitas. And until evolution says otherwise, they're here to stay. Natural selection, amirite?

This whole hip love thing isn't about ditching Spanx (though, to quote Lady Gaga, "Do What U Want") or taking up gluttony instead of scrapbooking or snowboarding. It's about accepting yourself, not agonizing over not fitting in or filling out certain clothing. Be your best — your healthiest, your kindest, your smartest — but be yourself, hips included.

Here are three reasons to adore your pelvic region, whether it looks like Shakira's or not.

1. Hips, big or small, are womanly.

Yes, you are more than your body, but biology is bodacious, so let's celebrate it. Like breasts and ovaries, hips are one of the female body's defining features. There's a reason why hip pads are a drag queen must. Even if they go for wigs, fake lashes, false breasts, and diva attire, men are not convincing as women without the hips. Your hips do not define you, but they are part of your definition.

2. Your hips sway when you walk.

Marilyn Monroe wouldn't have been Marilyn Monroe without her wiggle, but you don't have to be a 1950s bombshell to rock that walk. Here's some more bio: All women naturally have that sway when they walk, at least a little one. It may even be something you wish to play up. According to Science Daily, a 2007 study indicated that women observed to sway their hips when they walk are considered 50 percent more attractive.

3. There's always a way to dress them.

Think about it. When you're dressed, your hips are always covered. Probably the only exception is ultra low-rise jeans and, even then, your hips are still partially covered. Barring medical or religious restrictions, you can't say that for your arms, legs, or neck. Your hips want you to have fun with them! They want fabric, colors, texture. So listen once in a while, OK? No frowny face. Your hips hate it when you frown.

Image: LoloStock/Fotolia