‘Fifty Shades’ Gets Intense In New Teaser

by Jennifer Still

It seems like only yesterday that lady loins (and gentleman loins — love doesn't discriminate!) were quaking in anticipation of the first installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise hitting the big screen. In fact, it was only Valentine's Day, and while 10 weeks doesn't really seem long enough for everyone to have moved on, they have. But it's not what you think! Fans of the erotic series have only moved on to looking forward to the second movie in the franchise, Fifty Shades Darker , and for good reason. We know that series author E.L. James' husband will be penning it, and we've also already had our first (tiny) look into what the sequel holds in store in a newly released teaser trailer — and oh man, does it look intense.

Fifty Shades Darker isn't due out until 2017, meaning fans have plenty of time to agonize over every single brief second of the first teaser (and all the teasers that are sure to come, no doubt). We already know that it's going to be more of a thriller than the original, but what else does it hold in store? It's pretty hard to tell from the 30 second mini-trailer — especially since half that time is taken up by production company credits rather than actual footage. Still, those precious few seconds hold their own value.

Here are the 7 most intense moments from the Fifty Shades Darker teaser.

"Are you ready?"

I mean, I don't know — am I? I don't think I ever really asked myself if I was ready or not, and now I'm doubting myself. What am I in for? What's happening? I'm scared! I'm... strangely turned on?

Christian putting his jacket on

Where's he going? What's he doing? Why does he look so intense? And for that matter, why does he look so handsome? He's about to go to some big event and be all charming and dapper and no one is going to know he has this crazy dark side to him. Ugh, yes!

Something's coming!

Am I ready for something? Yeah, now I am. You've forewarned me, so I'm more in the right frame of mind. Christian is obviously up to "something" that I need to be ready for, so let's get this show on the road.

Christian putting his mask on

Oh right, we're doing masks this time around. I don't know what to think now. Is he going to a masquerade ball? Is it Halloween? He still looks so intense and... dare I say it... dark?

It's about to get DARKER, apparently

I'm not really afraid of the dark, so a "lights out" situation wouldn't phase me, but obviously I know this is a book about (some bizarre version of) BDSM, so the darkness is more philosophical and/or sexual, so yeah, I'm ready for something darker. Or, you know, a preview that's longer than 30 seconds.

It's coming to theaters... but they don't want to tell you when

I've obviously already told you, so it's okay. Valentine's Day 2016 is when Fifty Shades Darker will be out, and that seems like quite a wait, doesn't it? In Hollywood, they pump out franchise movies once a year, so waiting two years for Fifty Shades seems sorta crazy, and the teaser not mentioning this seems extra cruel, but I see what they're doing. You've got to keep the mystery alive. I respect that.

Check out the full Fifty Shades Darker preview below.

Image: Universal Pictures