Miu Miu's Pre-Fall Ads Are Gorgeously Retro

Ah, is there any brand that's got a finger on the pulse of luxurious retro-twee the way Miu Miu does? I don't think so. The fashion house recently unveiled their Miu Miu pre-fall ad campaign, and the images are seriously gorgeous. These ads feature Miu Miu's glorious signature combination of '70s-esque earth tones and pastels, along with some beautiful and richly colorful prints.

Altogether the effect is kind of to die for — just like their superlatively stylish Spring/Summer 2015 campaign (which starred rising stars Imogen Poots, Mia Goth, and Marine Vacth), and their quite possibly even more stylish Spring/Summer 2014 campaign (which starred Lupita Nyong'o). Yep, there's kind of no beating Miu Miu when it comes to effective advertising, eh?

The campaign itself was shot by Jamie Hawkesworth, and it stars up-and-coming model Estella Boersma. Featuring schoolgirl-esque accoutrements like cognac-colored chunky-heeled oxfords paired with thick gray knee socks (not to mention stark white platform Mary Janes paired with even thicker purple and yellow patterned knee socks), beautiful satchel-like handbags, and stylishly boxy wool coats, there was a lovely, quirky-classic vibe to the whole shoot... so, without further ado, let's take a look at the new ads (get ready for knee socks galore):

And the socks:

What do you think? If knee socks are part of the next big trend, I'm totally on board.