Transgender Son Talks About His Mom's Unconditional Love For Mother's Day, And We Love Them Both — VIDEO

So guys, who's trynna get a good cry on right now? You? OK great, stick with me, because we have the most moving video of a transgender son talking about his mother from Hallmark's #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign. It will truly touch the inner workings of your soul. In the latest video of this powerful series, Alex talks about his (overwhelming beautiful) relationship with his mother. If their Mother's Day cards are anything like this video, then Hallmark is going to rip our emotions to shreds this year.

Alex's mother Pam sounds like the #1 trans ally, having supported her son through every part of his life. The two of them have clearly shared a lot during his transition, and Alex says that Pam's unwavering support and unconditional love have helped him become who he is today. It is an incredibly challenging journey that those of us who were assigned the correct gender at birth have never had to deal with, and we certainly can't fathom how irreplaceable the support and love of a parent is when it comes to dealing with something like that. Alex's story is a reminder of all the families that have unconditionally stood beside their children, parents, siblings through a transition.

Watch Alex and Pam's video and get your tissues ready:

Of course, we don't all have a story like this to share about our mothers, but there's still a story from each of our lives that's unique to our childhood and shows a time when our mother's cared for us more than anything in the world.

Hallmark didn't stop here. The #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign spreads farther than Alex and Pam's story, examining mother-child relationships from several families.

Here are a few other amazing stories:

1. Alana and Lisa

Alana talks about her single mom and how she cared for her and taught her to grow as a single parent. Let's not sugar coat this: I'm crying, you guys. Alana just had a baby and her own mother inspires her to be a better parent. Each video asks the subject how they would describe their feelings without using the word "love." (Oh, and watching Lisa, Alana's mother, tear up is not making my tears stop any sooner, so yeah.)

2. Bruce and Tracy

Bruce is giving everyone all the feels. He not only attributes his life and all his success to his mother, but he also admits he hasn't told her that he loves her in too long. But she knows anyway, because mothers do.

3. Amy, Peggy and Lisa

When the two girls talk about their mother, they are a perfect sibling dynamic as they describe how their mother went above and beyond "no matter how ridiculous our wants and needs are." Their stories and belief that there mother is a literal superhero is just too much. FEELINGS.

Hallmark also did a beautiful series on couples for the #PutYourHeartOnPaper campaign and it's absolutely adorable. Couple talk about how they met, fell in love and their relationship now:

For more Hallmark warm-your-heart-type videos, visit their YouTube channel.

Images: YouTube