Hillary 2016 Yoga Pants On 'Ellen' Are The Perfect Way To Show Your Support For The 2016 Candidate (If Only They Were Real)

In a recent clip from her talk show Ellen, Ellen DeGeneres photoshopped Hillary Clinton in a pair of yoga pants that were basically every single shade of flawless. Aside from the tears from laughter, I bet you're crying because these Hillary 2016 yoga pants aren't real, but you totally wish they were. What better (or more comfortable) way to show your support for the 2016 presidential candidate.

If you follow her Instagram account, you're fully aware that the people who work for Ellen have some mad Photoshop skills. But to go as far as photoshopping/video editing Clinton in yoga pants takes skillz (with a z for extra emphasis). I hope whoever made this video submits it for further job inquiries. Yoga pants are so comfortable, they seem to have literally every female under their spell. Add this to the list of things that make Hillary Clinton just like you.

Although yoga pants do have certain, um, asset enhancing properties, Ellen fully understands that while, yes, they make our rear-ends look great, yoga pants are also extremely comfortable and equally perfect for a tough workout, for lounging in front of Netflix, and for hitting the campaign trail. Essentally, yoga pants are bae. Take a look at Ellen's latest creation and get ready to laugh your yoga pants-loving head off.

Image: Ellen