2015 Styles To Create With Your Topsy Tail Tool

by Amy Roberts

My memories of the infamous Topsy Tail ponytail tool are, like most parts of one's childhood, complicated. I remember loving the cute and quirky look that it added to my long, not-yet-heat-damaged brown ponytail, but I also remember throwing a few fits when my mom jabbed me in the back of the head with the long stick portion of the thing. I guess you can say that I learned quickly that beauty is pain, because I have more photos than I can count of me smiling proudly from beneath my Topsy Tailed 'do.

I hadn't thought about the Topsy Tail in years (mine has long since gone the way of my Lip Smackers and body glitter) — that is, until I started seeing updated Topsy Tail tutorials all over the Internet. These modern styles are casual, boho and surprisingly chic, and with the help of the handy plastic tool, they're much easier than a complicated braid or perfectly tousled, cool girl waves.

If you want to recreate your favorite childhood hairstyle in a way that's on trend with your adulthood tastes, these simple tutorials will show you a number of different ways to do just that. Whether you're looking for a way to keep your hair off of your face at a summer music festival or a cheap alternative to a pricey salon up-do, you'll find that the topsy tail is still just as versatile as it ever was.

Boho-Inspired Braid

As a straight-haired girl, I love that you don't have to have crazy thick, textured hair to make this braid look chic and boho. My favorite part about this tutorial, however, is that it even shows you how to make your own DIY topsy tail if your local beauty supply store isn't on board with the '90s hair trend.

Project Via Parlor Diary

Triple Topsy Tail Pony

If you have short hair or lots of layers, this cute triple ponytail will help you to gather all of your locks into one casual 'do. The video tutorial also makes it easy to follow along for those who aren't particularly hair inclined.

Project Via The Small Things Blog

The No-Braid Side Braid

If you feel kinda "been there, done that" when it comes to the beloved side braid, you might want to take this topsy tail side braid alternative for a spin. This is especially great for thick or curly hair, as the texture helps to hold it all together.

Project via Hair Romance

Topsy Tail Chignon

If you have a formal event coming up, use your topsy tail to create this elegant chignon in a few minutes flat.

Project Via Twist Me Pretty

Grown-Up Topsy Tail

The chicest of topsy tail tutorials, this high fashion pony is worlds away from the simply ponytails of your childhood. Best of all? It only looks complicated, because this tutorial makes it incredibly easy to do.

Project Via Camille Styles

Image: Getty Images; Courtesy Bloggers