'RHONY' Star Dorinda Medley Deserves More Respect

by Laura Rosenfeld

I have to hand it to you, Bravo. The Real Housewives of New York City desperately needed a shakeup for Season 7, and the addition of new Housewife Dorinda Medley is a breath of fresh air. She's chic, she's tough, and she's genuine. She's had a lot of success and a lot of tragedy in her life, yet she has been able to keep it all together and raise a 21-year-old daughter and mostly on her own to boot. Heck, I think I'm more excited to watch Dorinda on RHONY every week than beloved returning cast member Bethenny Frankel. Dorinda is so wonderful, it pains me to see Dorinda with boyfriend John Mahdessian because, quite frankly, she deserves so much better.

John's commitment to Dorinda will come into question on Tuesday night's episode of RHONY. In a preview clip that you can check out below, John somehow ends up playfully in between Housewives Sonja Morgan and Kristen Taekman at some sort of event, like a "Sultan of Stains" sandwich. If that doesn't sound absolutely atrocious to you, the sight of it surely will. In the clip, John gets pretty handsy with Sonja and Kristen, who he has apparently only met once before. It looks like he might even give Sonja a peck on the cheek. John doesn't even try to hide it from Dorinda, although he jokingly sends her away so he can pretend to get more intimate with these two ladies.

The whole thing is just downright gross for all of the women involved, but especially for Dorinda. I wish I could say this is the first time we've seen John be inappropriate like this, but there's already been some concern about his fidelity. A couple of episodes back on RHONY, the Housewives unexpectedly bumped into John at a nightclub sans Dorinda. John said he had just been at a business dinner, and there was a restaurant at the front of the building, but no one usually holds business meetings in places where David Guetta music blares in the background, am I right? Plus, the fact that you have to sneak through the kitchen to even get to the club in the back doesn't look great. There was no indication that John did anything wrong that night, but even so, the seed has unfortunately been planted among the Housewives and all of us at home that John may not be such a great guy.

He's Already a Playboy

In fact, it seems that John may have been a bit of a playboy before he met Dorinda. “He thinks girls are like shirts: You have to change them every two weeks,” his father Noubar Mahdessian told The Observer in 2009. That same year, John also told The Armenian Weekly that he doesn't have time to find a partner to settle down with. Of course, that was many years ago, so it's quite possible that John is a different man now. However, Dorinda should take this into account to determine whether or not John truly is committed to her before they move forward with their relationship.

As A Fan, I Don't Approve

Even aside from all of this, it's pretty clear to me that John is not the right guy for Dorinda. For one thing, John seems overbearing. He orders for Dorinda when they sit down to have a meal and wants to engage in some PDA, even when she is clearly not feeling it. Sure, these may seem like small things, and luckily Dorinda is strong and self-assured enough to speak up for herself, but Dorinda should be able to be her own person with her partner, and if John attempts to control her in some mundane aspects of her life, he may attempt to do so when more important matters are at hand as well.

In fact, we've already seen him do this. During last Tuesday night's episode of RHONY, when Dorinda mentioned that her daughter Hannah Lynch may not want the couple to go into business together, John questioned why she would need to take her daughter's feelings into account at all. He also pointed out how it seemed like he would never be No.1 in Dorinda's heart. Dorinda completely flipped out on John for saying all of this and confirmed that yes, he would never be as important to her as Hannah, which is how parents should feel about their children. If John can't understand that, I only see a rocky road ahead for this couple.

Her Daughter Is Not Impressed

This brings me to my next point, the fact that John and Hannah do not get along at all. OK, they actually just don't communicate whatsoever, but that's even worse than fighting. How Dorinda ever expects to be with John in the long term if her daughter is not on board, I just do not understand. Though it must be very difficult to let another man into her life what with Dorinda divorcing her father and losing her stepfather Richard Medley so suddenly in 2011, Hannah seems to be partly at fault here for not giving John a chance. She also said her mother was a "chubby chaser" for dating John, which was not cool. But in the end, children need to accept their parents' partners and vice versa in order for a family to properly function, and if Hannah isn't happy with John, it's going to be hard for Dorinda to be happy with him either.

Love hasn't been easy for Dorinda in her 50 years here on Earth. As I previously mentioned, she got divorced from her first husband after 10 years of marriage, and she's still coping with the sudden death of her late husband Richard. Dorinda deserves someone who's going to be dependable, reliable, fully committed to her, and not get in the way of her fabulousness. From what we've seen from John on RHONY so far, I just don't see him as that guy.

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