'House of Wax' Turns 10, So Where Is Paris Hilton & The Rest Of The Cast Now?

As a hardcore fan of the horror film genre, I make it a point to try and see as many horror films as possible. So in 2005 when I heard a horror movie with Chad Michael Murray, Jared Padalecki, Elisha Cuthbert, and Paris freaking Hilton was coming out, I knew I had to see it. That film is the highly entertaining though not so critically acclaimed House Of Wax, which is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Based off of the iconic 1950s film of the same name, House Of Wax follows a group of friends on their way to a football game who get stranded in a creepy town with a wax-faced, wax-obsessed killer.

While I don't want to give too much away about this supremely fun film (aside from the fact that it will make you hate wax in a way you never thought was possible), I'll say this: It really upped the star power game of horror movies in general. This was a remake that really wanted to get its money's worth at the theaters. I mean, why else cast so many popular faces of the time? So rather than explain details about the film — because what is the fun in that? — why not talk about those popular in their heyday actors are up to now? Thankfully a great many of them are still known to us today.

Chad Michael Murray

At the time of House of Wax's release, Chad Michael Murray was at the peak of his famousness. Not only was he starring in the series One Tree Hill, his place as a heartthrob was also firmly cemented thanks to the show and his roles in films like Freaky Friday and A Cinderella Story. After having a little but of a lull in his career once One Tree Hill ended, Murray has been back in the spotlight since the release of Fruitvale Station where he played one of the real-life cops that harassed and shot Oscar Grant III. Most recently, Murray appeared as a series regular in Season 1 of Marvel's Agent Carter as SSR Agent Jack Thompson.

Elisha Cuthbert

Ever since her appearance as Jack Bauer's daughter on 24, Cuthbert has been a staple on television, but House of Wax also propelled her into the horror film spotlight as well. After House of Wax's release, Cuthbert appeared in a few more films of the same genre. But what she's probably best known for now is her role as the hilariously naive and always hungry Alex Kerkovich from the cancelled-too-soon series Happy Endings. She's also currently on a new series, One Big Happy where she plays a gay woman who is pregnant with her male best friend's baby.

Jared Padalecki

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last several years, you've probably heard of at least one of the shows for which Jared Padalecki is most famous. House of Wax was released after Padalecki had finished his main cast stint in Gilmore Girls and when he started his main cast stint in Supernatural. He was perfect in Gilmore Girls (even if his character was not ultimately not right for Rory) and he is currently perfect in Supernatural.

Paris Hilton

We all knew who Paris Hilton was when House Of Wax was released, and we all know who she is now. Hilton continues to make little acting cameos here and there alongside her music career and her many other ventures.

Robert Ri'chard

Ri'chard had been acting for years before the release of House Of Wax. He starred in the Nickelodeon series Cousin Skeeter (you know, the one with the puppet!) as well as guest starring on multiple other shows from Hangin' With Mr. Cooper to Veronica Mars. He continues to guest in all-different kinds of series and films including The Vampire Diaries. He has a new film coming out soon called Chocolate City which sounds a whole lot like Magic Mike .

Jon Abrahams

Another versatile actor like Ri'chard, before and after House Of Wax, Abrahams has guest starred in many television shows and films. He was most recently seen in Liam Neeson's Non-Stop and the series Criminal Minds.

Brian Van Holt

For those who have seen Cougartown, you'll know exactly who Brian Van Holt is. Before playing twins in House Of Wax, the actor was co-starring in such films and shows as Black Hawk Down, S.W.A.T, Beverly Hills 90210, Sex and the City, and many more. He most recently appeared in Reese Witherspoon's Wild, and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Bridge, and as Bobby Cobb in Cougartown which recently finished its sixth and final season.

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