Kendall Jenner Will Star In Estee Lauder's Fragrance Ad For Modern Muse Le Rouge, And We Have No Doubt It'll Be Gorgeous

In November of last year, Kendall Jenner, It girl extraordinaire, was named the new face of Estee Lauder. While her place as the brand's spokesperson is nowhere near its end, she is branching out with the company and moving into the fragrance world. Kendall Jenner will star in Estee Lauder's fragrance ad campaign, which will be for the brand's Modern Muse Le Rouge, and her new position as the face of the perfume is clearly a brilliant move by the brand to use Jenner as a way to expand and attract millennial shoppers.

Back in January, Jenner's first campaign for the brand debuted, and the model looked gorgeous in a deeply creepy, fashion sort of way. While the ad was meant to attract attention to the brand, it also illustrated just how adaptable a model Jenner is. Just to prove her versatility, back in April, Jenner's second campaign hit the air waves with a marked departure from the first. Rocking a bright pink, patent leather jacket, the ad had a clear mod, '60s vibe. With such diverse campaigns, it's clear that Estee Lauder knows what a gem they've found in Jenner. Now, they're taking her appeal a step further.

While there are not many details about the campaign for Modern Muse Le Rouge, having Jenner branch out into fragrance is a genius move by the brand. On Tuesday, CEO Fabrizio Freda pointed out that makeup and fragrance are both excellent ways of expanding to a younger audience. Last year, Estee Lauder acquired Le Labo, Frederic Malle, Rodin Olio Lusso, and GlamGlow, and while those acquisitions will also serve as a way to gradually expand the brand, Jenner's move into a fragrance campaign serves as a more direct attempt to shift Estee Lauder's appeal. With a spokesperson like Jenner, there's little doubt the brand's popularity will be on the rise.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram; Estee Lauder/Instagram