11 Hilarious Reese Witherspoon & Sofia Vergara Moments That Prove They're As Funny Offscreen As They Are In 'Hot Pursuit' — PHOTOS

Never in a million years did I expect Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara to be my new favorite celebrity best friends, but the Hot Pursuit co-stars have officially stolen my heart. The unlikely pals have been on a whirlwind press tour for the past few months, and the most hilarious things happen when they're together. They're candid, ridiculous, and downright silly, and if the movie is even half as funny as they are offscreen, it will be an instant classic. They remind me a lot of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, and not just because of similarities to The Heat. Reese and Sofia bring the same amount of genuine joy to red carpets and TV interviews that Sandra and Melissa do, and as a bonus, they're also both active on social media.

Whether it's insane Dub Smash videos of them lip synching Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, bloopers from Hot Pursuit , or just funny poses on the red carpet, Reese and Sofia have had plenty of amazing moments lately. It's tough to narrow them down, but I've managed to find the 11 most hilarious things they've done together. The most recent one is a little NSFW, because Sofia totally drew Reese like one of her French girls, Titanic style, during a BuzzFeed interview. Other than that, they're relatively tame.

1. When They "Sang" Miley Cyrus

Hand choreography for the win!

2. Better Yet, When They "Sang" Taylor Swift

Sofia's screaming is just too much.

3. When Sofia Drew Reese Nude

There are no words.

4. Pretty Much Every Red Carpet

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Look at that sneaky photobomb!

5. When They Were The Three Sofias With Ellen DeGeneres

Smarajit Chakraborty on YouTube

Ellen is definitely part of their dream team.

6. When They Pretend Not To Love Each Other

You're not fooling anyone, ladies.

7. How They Do Phone Interviews

They would probably be in PJs if they could.

8. Their Silly Selfies

They need a permanent photobooth together.

9. When They Share Food

So very, very classy.

10. Bloopers From Hot Pursuit

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

Bustle's exclusive bloopers show some really silly moments behind the scenes.

11. When They Have Fun With Their Height Difference

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They embrace it (and each other).

Images: Getty Images (3); Screengrab/BuzzFeed (1)