What To Wear To Firefly 2015, Because We've Learned From Coachella & Festival Season Is Far From Over

Festival Season is in full swing, and even though Coachella has passed, there are a bunch of other (arguably superior) events going on all over the country that beg you to book a ticket, pile in the car, and pull out those ensembles that might be just a little much for your everyday life. This year's Firefly Festival in Dover, Delaware takes place June 18-21 with a lineup including Kings of Leon, Charli XCX, Paul McCartney, Kid Cudi, Hozier, Steve Aoki, Snoop Dogg, and many others. The super woodsy setting feels like summer camp for grown ups, and if you're going full festival, you know you need to dress the part. Let these seven looks inspire your Firefly packing list, and don't forget to layer!

Festival Fashion has undoubtedly become a part of our vocabulary, and whether we mock or embrace it, it's definitely not going anywhere. Any cynicism towards the influx of cutoffs, flower crowns, flowy crop tops, and fringed crossbodies is subconsciously spurred by total envy of anyone who's actually jetting off for a few days of music and festivities. Deny it all you want, but dressing up and venturing into a foreign, carefree world for a couple of days never sounds like a bad idea. Festival fashion delicately balances functionality and whimsy, readying you to embrace your inner hippie child and deny the importance of wearing pants in public. Most importantly, festival looks need to keep you comfortable for long hours in the heat while simultaneously photo-ready for your friends' excessive documentation of the event. From Penny Lane worthy band-aid looks to stylishly practical outfits, there's a festival style route for everyone.

1. The Summertime Blacks


"I'm with the band," but also totally ready to be on my feet for hours and sit on the ground without worrying about flashing everyone.

2. The Chambray Shift


Keep cool in a retro-inspired look. The chambray shift is super breathable and a medium-sized bucket bag will hold all your essentials while keeping your hands free.

3. The Comfy Classic


There's no shame in reaching for the old standbys. A lightweight plaid shirt is great to layer, you won't die if your cutoffs get grass stained, and some trusty Chucks are just what the doctor ordered. Practical does not have to be boring.

4. The Military Onesie


Rompers are great because your whole outfit is one piece — so easy to pack! A mini backpack will keep you ultra mobile, and please don't get fancy with your shoes. It is not the time.

5. The Peasant Crop


Looking like a woodland fairy slash hippie goddess is actually super simple. A little embellishment goes a long way, and this look is anything but fussy.

6. The Flowy Boho


Festivals are just the place to rock a sheer, flowy top that might be a little risqué for the city. Comfy ankle boots are perfect for whatever terrain you encounter, and make it look like you tried when you didn't really do much.

7. The Romantic


A loose cotton dress will keep you cool and make you feel like a festival princess. Minimal accessories and some bedhead complete the effect.

Images: t hebullpen /Flickr; Polyvore