A PSA For All The Over-Apologizers Out There

Over the course of a day, there are so many things we say sorry over that we don't need to apologize for. As a chronic over apologizer, I can attest to the madness. Guys, last week I ran into a trash can and apologized to it. The struggle is real. But not quite so real as this BuzzFeed video for people who apologize too much, because it sheds a lot of light on just how unnecessary and often ridiculous our "sorrys" are. It's getting to the point where the word sorry is used so often that the word barely means anything anymore. Someday we're going to be genuinely, actually sorry for something we did, and by then we'll probably have created some synonym for "super duper legit sorry" that will also get similarly abused. It's a sorry circle of life and we need to break the cycle now.

It's not a big secret why we apologize so much. I catch myself doing it all the time to smooth over social situations, like some extra coating of person armor that will somehow absolve me from judgment for things that nobody should even be judging over in the first place. I was in line at the grocery store and dropped my yogurt the other day—no harm, no foul, it didn't even explode horrifically like it could have (score). And yet when the old woman in front of me turned around and watched me pick it up, I just reflexively went, "Sorry." Her response was one I feel like we should all tattoo to the inside of our eyelids: "What for? You didn't do anything wrong."

I probably wouldn't have even noticed if she hadn't pointed it out, which is exactly why this video is so important for over-apologizers to watch. Here are a few of the situations you're doing it without even realizing:

Asking for things you have a legitimate right to ask for

Other people

The size of your bladder

I think the real takeaway from this video is a lesson for how to determine what is worth apologizing for and what isn't. The rule is simple: WWBD. "What would Beyoncé do?"

Of course, BuzzFeed isn't the only group that's called out the us overly-sorry sacks. Here are a few other videos you can draw inspiration from to resist the urge to apologize:

Pantene's "Not Sorry" Campaign

The video highlights the consequences of women apologizing too much.

Lilly Singh on why she's not sorry

This explanation SLAYS.

Taylor Swift, who would like to remind you that you're not sorry

OK, this one is irrelevant, but you know what? I'm not going to apologize. After all, BEYONCÉ WOULDN'T.

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