Etiquette The 'Southern Charm' Cast Doesn't Know

When Bravo announced Southern Charm in 2014, I had a very detailed picture of how the show was going to play out. I saw a lot of tea parties, a lot of manners, and a whole lot of drama-free plot. Boy was I wrong. In fact, when I watch this show, I start to wonder how some of the stars of Southern Charm didn't learn certain etiquette tips in their lifetime. Seriously, there are some major offenders, and it's time to call them out.

When I was younger, I was gifted a book that was all about etiquette. It was kind of laughable, because some of the things were outrageously outdated, but it also contained tips that any normal human would want to keep in mind when living amongst other humans. Then I watch Southern Charm, and for a show that boasts "charm" and etiquette, well, I see a few discrepancies. I'm not from the south, I only know the things I see on Southern Charm, but I have a list of manners and etiquette that it seems the Southern Charm cast has clearly never learned. Come on, people, this is a show that stars the wonderful Patricia Altschul. I just want to make sure the cast is acting with the upmost respect around a woman as important as the south's version of a Queen.

1. Don't Interrupt Others

Offenders: Craig had that incident at Patricia's "All Male Dinner Party To Keep The Drama At Bay" where he interrupted her, she shot him a look, Shep nudged him, and we all were like "Oh Mm Effing G. What's going to happen?" Patricia didn't say anything about the discrepancy, but the momentary tension was pretty incredible.

2. Keep Your Grievances Off Social Media

Offenders: A lesson for all, but mainly directed at Thomas and Kathryn. You guys are parents, adults, and semi-functioning members of society. Don't post your personal life on Facebook, please. That's not what the "Share" button was intended for.

3. Don't Be Tardy To A Party

Offenders: Do my eyes deceive me, or was Ms. Patricia late to Baby Kensington's second christening? Kim Zolciak said it best when she sang, "Don't be tardy for the party (Ohhh, Ohhh)."

4. Never Embarrass Your Host

Offenders: Whitney, I like your moxie, but calling out Thomas at his political announcement dinner suggesting that you thought he was announcing an engagement was seriously not cool.

5. If You Have A Short Fuse, Steer Clear Of Others

Offenders: Almost every single cast member (minus the cool, calm, collected Patricia and Cameran). The reason this show works is because the cast members have a short fuse. For the sake of the show, let's hope they don't learn this one.

6. Don't Raise The Roof

Offenders: This is a personal etiquette lesson I think we can all learn and carry with us as we mark 15 years into the millennium. It doesn't suit anyone, anytime, in anyway. Especially for political ads.

Images: Paul Cheney/Bravo; Giphy (6)