Mindy Kaling Posts Coy Tweet That Could Indicate There's Still Hope For 'The Mindy Project'

This week has been tough for The Mindy Project fans. Thanks to low ratings and Mindy Kaling's project being produced by NBC Universal, it seemed inevitable that Fox would drop the ax and cancel our favorite show — but that did not make it hurt any less when news broke that The Mindy Project had indeed been canceled. After all, Kaling's Mindy Lahiri was a hero to many: Her struggles were always relatable — and it didn't hurt that mostly all of us also wished her wardrobe and adorable boyfriend Danny Castellano were ours too. The Mindy Project is a place of happiness, risk-taking storytelling (they did an anal sex episode on network TV and got away with it, because Kaling is a boss), and flawless one-liners. Fans undoubtedly aren't ready to leave the show behind yet, including Kaling, and if her coy tweet is any indication, Mindy Kaling is not going down without a fight.

Saturday morning, Kaling posted a promising picture on her Instagram feed and Twitter page featuring her face and a "please stand by" symbol. This — combined with her knowing wink to the camera on Instagram after news broke of The Mindy Project's cancellation — hopefully suggests good things for the future of the sitcom. But, what if it means something else entirely?

While we wait for Kaling to give us some official news, there is no harm in theorizing, right?

It Could Mean Hulu Picked Up The Mindy Project

The worst-kept secret in Hollywood right now is how into Kaling Hulu is. Even before the series was officially canceled, rumors were floating around about Hulu's possible interest in keeping The Mindy Project alive. Maybe Kaling is busy finalizing the details as I type this! Everyone start praying to Beyoncé that this is true.

Or... It Could Mean NBC Just Realized They Canceled All of Their Sitcoms and The Mindy Project is Their Only Hope for Comedy

NBC is not the cool kid of the comedy world anymore — they don't even have any comedies left because the canceled all of them. The Mindy Project is an in-house production, though, and if they can get the series to pass the 100 episode mark, it will start bringing in those sweet, sweet syndication dollars. And hey, they would not even have to do any legwork advertising-wise! Where Kaling goes, so go her followers.

Or, What If It Means The Mindy Project Movie Is Coming?!

The Mindy Project has always been a small screen romcom, so why can't Kaling wrap up Mindy and Danny's story on the big screen? Someone please start the Kickstarter fund now so I can donate all of my money!

Or Maybe Kaling Is Becoming a Romance Novelist and Her First Book is the Conclusion of Mindy's Story

Kaling is an incredible writer. She already has one nonfiction bestseller to her name and another one on the way. Adding a funny, contemporary romance novel with a Mindy Lahiri-approved cover to her accomplishments would be a cinch. Kaling's can-do attitude would never let her leave the fictional Mindy's story unfinished.

OR Maybe Kaling Is Going to Start a Whole New Genre of Storytelling By Keeping the Show Going on Instagram!

Kaling is an innovator and an Instagram rock star. Maybe the message is a subtle hint she's going to forget about all traditional modes of storytelling, and reinvent The Mindy Project as a social media series told through pictures, short videos, and funny screencaps of text conversations between the cast! Hey, I'd tune in.

But, It Probably Means No Matter What Happens, Kaling Wants Us to Know She's Not Going Anywhere

It's true: Even if all of her efforts to keep The Mindy Project fall through, she won't be going anywhere. Kaling is not just a star, she is a hero among stars, and even if The Mindy Project does not get resurrected, she will keep churning out amazing projects for years to come like the champ she is.

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