What Your Hobby Says About Your Sex Life, Because Dancers Aren't Afraid To Do It With The Lights On

If your sole hobby is sitting in front of the boob tube, munching on chips, and letting the crumbs fall into the folds of your shirt, well, then uh, I have no help for you. However if you do have a hobby, please continue because how your lifestyle affects your sex life is super interesting, whether you're a marathon runner or a painter.

Hobbies are a way to pursue our inner passions and give you a much-needed outlet from the daily grind and stimulate those parts of you ignored in your career. Like your love of whimsy and butterflies. Hobbies, or work that's fun as I like to call it, is far more refreshing and energizing for the gray matter than watching another episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Leisure pursuits keep your mind sharper than an ax-murderer's knife, make your creativity grow and expand like a blossoming rose, and of course shed some light on your sex life. And girl if you don't have any hobbies, go get yourself some! For God's sake how is anyone going to be able to tell what you're like in bed? Give us a hint, why don't you? So what do your hobbies say about your sex life? Read on my lady friends, read on.



Hello, sex goddess. Well I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to know that anyone who can do the vertical mambo is going to rock that bed like a champ when it comes to the horizontal mambo. A lady who can move on the dance floor can undoubtedly move in the bedroom. Sensuous and confident, dancers are not afraid of doing it with the lights on. After all performing is your passion.



Ladies who like show off their culinary prowess are detailed oriented and precise. They don't just have sex they make love with the same gentle touch they reserve for flambeing a creme brûlée. Gals who cook will be most attentive to her lover's needs making sure they are satiated before getting off herself.


Gals who like to run love the adrenaline rush of a good run, wind blowing in your hair, your heart pumping like you were running from a serial killer. Studies show that long distance runners have a higher sex drive than the average person. A 15-year-old boy doesn't have anything on your libido! You can do it morning, noon, and night. And ain't nothing wrong with that! Sex is good for you. Think of all those endorphins you're letting out!



Artsy gals like to experiment in bed as they do in real life. They don't mind flipping the gender script, strapping one one or simply covering their lover with chocolate body paint. Creative types are introverted and introspective making sex more of a spiritual experience than two people knocking boots. But let's not get it twisted. Creative types have more sexual partners than Carrie had shoes. That loose bohemian lifestyle means creative gals like to indulge impulses, convention be damned!

Images: Fotolia; Jean-Philippe Rebuffet/Flickr; Giphy