This 'Good Wife' Reveal Is A Nightmare

It doesn't get much worse than this: In the final moments of The Good Wife's Season 6 finale, "Wanna Partner?," Louis Canning asked Alicia Florrick to become a partner at his law firm. As soon as the words left Michael J. Fox's mouth, I screamed, "NOOOOOO!!!" and hurled my remote against the wall in a fit of rage. This cannot be happening. And to think, things were going so well! Earlier in the episode, Kalinda came back and said a real "goodbye" to Alicia and Finlicia had their first win together in court. Everything was comin' up Milhouse! However, it all fell apart during the last three minutes, beginning with Finn telling Alicia he can't work with her anymore because they have feelings for each other and he's trying to get back with his ex-wife, and ending with Canning showing up at Alicia's door and extending his cloven hoof in partnership.

Turn him down, Alicia! Throw some holy water in that monster's face and send him on his way! But she's not going to do that, is she? No, instead, I fear Season 7 of The Good Wife is going to be the Alicia/Canning show... and that is my nightmare come to life.

Let me begin by saying I have nothing against Michael J. Fox — I think he's a fine actor — I've just never taken to the Louis Canning character. Canning is annoying, he's a chronic liar, he treats Alicia (and pretty much everybody else he comes into contact with) poorly, and perhaps worst of all, it's never clear what's actually going on with him.

For example, the last time we saw Canning, he was lying in a hospital bed, practically at death's door. What happened with that? Is he not really as sick as he says he is? Or did he experience a miraculous recovery? I don't know. We've been asking ourselves these questions for three or four seasons now, and still, no answer.

Further, why is Canning constantly deceiving people? Why does he treat everybody like crap? What's his motivation? What makes him tick? Again, we've been asking ourselves these questions for a long time, and still, no answer! Now, the writers want to promote this irritating, under-developed side character to a starring role?! No thanks.

I don't want to watch a show where Alicia and Canning are at each other's throats at all times. Can't Alicia have a single shred of happiness in her life? Just for a moment? I've been with The Good Wife since the beginning, and it's one of my favorite drama series, but I'm not looking forward to this potential development.

Until next season...

Images: Paul Sarkis/CBS; everythingisbeginning/Tumblr; scallym/Tumblr