6 Times You Rooted For Petra On 'Jane The Virgin'

I know this is a polarizing opinion, but I'll be bold enough to say it: Petra Solano is not the enemy on Jane the Virgin . Sure, she's done some questionable things in the past, but she's not the villain in the grande scheme of things. Her life took a turn for the worse early in the series, and she kind of lost it as a result. But as Season 1 has progressed, Petra has become more and more likable. There are still things about her that I don't love — like how she is out to keep Jane and Rafael apart — but there are also times that I really root for Petra to give in to her good side.

In true Jane the Virgin fashion, let's recap what Petra's been up to in the first season. First, in the midst of having an affair, Petra tried to inseminate herself to trick her husband into not divorcing her. When that didn't work out too well, she continuously tried to sabotage Jane and Rafael's future relationship — whether it be romantic or not. She also took someone hostage, brought her bad egg of a mother into the situation, and worked her way back to the top of The Marbella.

Even with all of that going on, fans have seen good Petra shine through and prove just how much more there is to the former Mrs. Solano than we initially thought. Here are six times Petra made you root for her on Jane the Virgin.

1. The Time She Really Needed Her Mom

Petra went through some Trauma with a capital T when Roman Zazo turned out to be alive and then abducted her into the edges of the Everglades (there are GATORS in there!). When she impaled him (the second time Zazo was impaled this season) and got back to safety, she just needed someone to be there for her, and that was her mom. It was nice to see Petra be vulnerable and raw for a change.

2. Whenever She & Michael Are Together

Let's talk about this clearly developing love story between Petra and Michael. It's going to happen, right? There's too much back and forth for these two to not get together eventually. And honestly, I kind of love them together.

3. The Time She Released Her Own Sex Tape

Boo-yah, Petra. This woman was not going to be blackmailed by Lachlan, so she did what she had to do, and regained the power she needed by releasing the tape herself and blaming her conniving ex. Respect.

4. The Time She Knew How To Play The Game

I like Petra Solano, The Business Woman. She knows what she wants, and she gets it done. If that means she needs to pretend that she is interested in Luisa's beliefs, she'll do it.

5. When She Blamed Herself For Her Mother's Pain

Even though Petra has hit some lows manipulating others throughout the season, she's also been the victim of such tactics. Petra's mom not only let Petra believe Milos' attack was her fault, but also pretended to be in a wheelchair for years, just to have something to hold over her daughter's head. Petra's guilt may have been unnecessary, but it showed viewers a whole new side of her.

6. When Petra & Jane Actually Got Along

Sometimes, the shoulder you need to cry on comes from the person you'd least expect. I love both of these women for putting their guards down and allowing the other to be vulnerable in front of them. Maybe, just maybe, there's a future friendship on the horizon?

If there's one thing I'd like to see when Jane the Virgin returns for Season 2, it's a positive relationship between Petra and Jane. That's all Petra supporters need to quiet the haters once and for all.

Images: Greg Gayne/The CW; JaneGifs (3), JaneViirgin (3)/Tumblr