India's 'Voice' Top 5 Performance Was Her Best Yet

It hasn't been an easy ride for India Carney, 21, so far on The Voice, but tonight she proved why she's still here. Carney has landed in the bottom two the past two weeks, and it was nothing short of a miracle that she made it through both times — she won by only a few votes each time. Many were upset with the fact that she stayed over Kimberly Nichole last week — myself included — but she proved tonight that she was worth saving. Carney owned the stage with her emotional rendition of Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" and secured a spot in the Final Four.

One thing that Carney has lacked in this competition is consistency. She'll give an amazing performance one night but follow it with only an okay performance the next. She seems to still be finding her as an artist — which is totally normal seeing as she is only 21. But tonight she finally found herself. Carney's performance of "Earth Song" was powerful, dramatic, and even a little weird — but it was totally awesome. It became evident that Carney shines when she's able to really perform the pieces she's singing. Her performance of Sara Bareilles' "Gravity" earlier in the night was good, but it was nothing compared to "Earth Song" because she wasn't able to get into character in the same way.

The special thing about Carney is that she's both a singer and an actress — seriously, the girl belongs on Broadway. Her talent is larger-than-life, which is why it doesn't necessarily work for The Voice. Carney would do well in the music industry, but not as well as some of the other contestants could. Her talent is made for the theatre and that's where she really belongs. Hopefully being on this show has given her the visibility she needs to really score those major parts because after tonight's performance it's obvious this girl deserves to have her name in lights.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC