11 Outer Space Inspired Jewelry Items For All The Galactic Babes Of The Universe

Are you a moon child? Do you wish to adorn yourself in space inspired jewelry? Of course you do! Because wouldn't it be amazing to secretly be a moon princess and channel Serena from Sailor Moon?

I was totally on board for blasting off on an outer space mission until I saw the incredible Gravity. That movie has put me off adventuring into space for life. So instead of actually going into space and possibly bumping into Starman, I'd much rather stay down here and hope I someday stumble upon David Bowie.

The following is a roundup of celestial jewelry for all you galactic babes out there, because nothing is cooler than interstellar trinkets.

The Moon Phase Bracelet

Channel your inner werewolf and study the phases of the moon on this beautiful bracelet.

Moon Phase Bracelet, $36,

The Aurora Borealis Ear Cuff

Give off ethereal vibes in this magical ear cuff.

Silver and Aurora Borealis Crystal Stars Ear Cuff, $9,

The Shooting Stars Necklace

Make a statement in this layered, shooting stars necklace.

Orelia Shooting Star Statement Necklace, $36,

The Space Shuttle Necklace

Fly to infinity and beyond in this space shuttle necklace.

To Infinity! Space Shuttle Necklace, approx. $27,

The Star Spangled Bangles

Show the world you’re a star in these starry bangles.

Star Pack Bangles, $28,

The Constellation Earrings

Choose your favorite constellation to customize these earrings to showcase your unique, celestial style.

Sterling Silver Constellation Earrings, $64,

The Classic Moon Pendant

Channel classic moon goddess vibes in this stunning golden moon pendant.

Gold "Moon" Necklace, POA,

The Moon & Star Ring

Channel Daenerys and Drogo in this 1970s moon and star ring.

STAR Vintage Celestial Moon & Star Wrap Ring, $9,

The Solar System Necklace

Never forget the order of the solar system again with this phenomenal solar system necklace. Take that science teachers!

Solar System Necklace, $80,

The Moon Choker

Channel the 1990s choker trend (which is totally in fashion right now) while wearing this sweet moon choker.

Rock ‘N Rose Elmira Leather Moon Choker Necklace, $22,

The Moon Voyage Locket

Escape Earth in your daydreams with this lunar locket.

Over The Moon Lunar Locket, $30,