13 Adorable Outfits For Your Stylish Cat

by Jen Marie

In the world of felines, fashion for cats is vital. Just ask the readers of the San Francisco-based publication The Bold Italic, which recently featured a series of portraits of cats dressed like their owners. With the myriad of creative, handcrafted pet-wear boutiques that have popped up online, it's nearly impossible to resist the urge to dress up your furry feline companion. And if you haven't familiarized yourself with all of the fabulous accessories available for your feline friends, you're in luck. I've compiled a list of some of the most irresistible cat outfits available on the web.

Of course, as any dedicated cat lady (or magical and elusive male cat owner) will tell you, not every cat lives for fashion. In fact, many downright hate dressing up. (OK, fine, you picky, purry, pea-bodies! No one is going to force you to wear this absolutely brilliant couture cat hat — well, not for more than the second it takes you to wiggle out of it while we giggle a bit.) And in all seriousness, I definitely don't condone animal cruelty in any way.

But that being said, most cat owners (and if I'm being honest, I don't really even think we own our cats — they're just good friends who've convinced us to let them mooch off of us for as long as they please) will tell you that their relationship with their feline is the best combination of snuggles and buggles. The buggles being the unique part of the relationship where cat and human alternate messing with each other. I don't think I need to go into details here — if you've ever been around a cat for an extended period of time, you know exactly what I'm referring to. It's simply in their nature to love on us, and to annoy us. And we, lovingly, bother them right back. It's all copacetic, as long as we follow a few simple cat rules of engagement.

But I digress. When it comes to trying out the dressing tendencies of humans, some cats are entirely game. These laid back beasties will endure nearly anything, and as long as they continue on in comfort, then why not share your style sense with them? If they're one of the many Instagram cat sensations, they may even appreciate the extra likes that their newly revamped wardrobe is sure to entail. In fact, you may just find that your kitty has an innate sense of just how enchanting she looks in her fancy garb.

So, let's pounce on this opportunity to enjoy some feline fashion choices, shall we?

1. Charming Bow Ties

If you've spent any time cat watching on Instagram, you're probably familiar with #bowtietuesday. It's hard to find a reason not to put your cat in a bow tie, if he/she will let you. These little pieces of flare are enough to make anyone purr.

2. Mini Bows

Blue and White Seersucker Break Away Bowtie Collar for Kittens, $12, parksidedesignstudio/

Does your kitten have big boy bow tie envy? Never fear, the super adorable baby bow tie is here. Keep your kittens in style for any occasion with these far too precious bows. Major plus side: Many bow ties are created with snap on, collar-like attachments, so they're easy to put on and take off without kitty being terribly bothered.

3. Smells Like Team Spirit

New York Jets Neck Tie Collar for Cats or Small Dogs, $12, parksidedesignstudio/

Need a classy way to help your cat express just how excited he is about this year's draft picks? Help him speak volumes with a tough and timeless team-themed neck tie collar. It might just make his death stare more understandable when your friends come by to watch the game.

4. Stunning For Sunning

Yellow Cat Dress with Comfortable Fit, $45, gatinela/

Cats clearly enjoy the sun more than humans do. Considering the amount of time she spends cat napping and chasing sun spots, it's clear your feline will be more than capable of appreciating the joys of frolicking in a sunny summer sundress.

5. A Formal Affair

Is Miss Whiskers nervous about her upcoming black tie event? No need to stress knead, we've got you covered. This incredible cat couture gown by United Bamboo will turn heads and have your feline's well to do friends oohing and ahhing at her refined fashion sense.

6. Fluffy's Fleece

Cat Hoodie Cat Clothes Microfleece Cat, $25, RockinDogsCoolCats/

Does your cat have a tendency to burrow under bedding and blankets all of the time? Keep kitty warm and channeling Juicy Couture with a soft fleece hoodie. She'll be comfy, toasty, and adorable as she lounges about the house in style.

7. Classic Knit-ah For Your Kittah

Cat Clothes Warm Cat Sweater Knitted Cat, $23, PurringPyjamas/

Maybe your feline snubbed that fleece. Turns out, he's actually a boy, he's hairless, and he's all about classic style and versatility. He wants to stay warm, but he wants to look good doing it. Well, a knit sweater is bound to please his picky palette.

8. Cosplay

Shark Pet costume Cat Hat Sphynx Cat, $27, SimplySphynx/

So, you dress up as your favorite anime character six weekends out of the year and hit up conventions nationwide. Well, what do you think your cat does while you're away? For felines who dream of stretching beyond society's preconceived notions of what it means to be a cat, cosplaying is a truly uplifting experience. Why keep that joy all to yourself? Share the joys of costuming with your kitty, and he'll experience true freedom. He'll never be the same old cat again.

9. On Point Outerwear

Of course, kitty's gotta step outside in style even when cooler weather strikes. And she'll be the talk of the town in this exquisite red coat from United Bamboo. How refined! How Demure! How purrrrrr-fect!

10. Outdoors In Ombre

Green Sweater for Cat or Dog Knit Wool, $42, MerrycatShop/

There's absolutely no reason that having fur should stop your cat from embracing the beauty of the ombre trend. With beautiful handmade cable sweaters like this one, kitty will be sporting gorgeous gradients all year long.

11. Hat-tastic

Viking Helmet for Cats, $30, iheartneedlework/

There's nothing like embracing the versatility of hats, and I'm sure your cat will agree. Besides, with the new Avengers movie out, who doesn't want to look a bit more like Thor?

12. Temporary Tattoos

Sphynx Cat Clothes Japanese Dragon, $18, SimplySphynx/

Remember when temporary tattoo shirts and sleeves were all the rage? Well, now your hairless cats can experience the joy of ink without the pain, too. Isn't flaunting sweet skin the whole point of being a sphynx anyway?

13. Adorable Jammies

Cat Pajamas Cat Clothes Polkadot Fleece, $24, / RockinDogsCoolCats

And, last but not least, don't forget to get your cat a pair of these super cute PJs. After all, with all the nuzzling and loves she gives you, that furry little fluff ball really is the cat's pajamas.

Images: pitterpatterfurryfeet, unitedbamboo /Instagram; Courtesy Brands; Giphy