Father Does Snowboard Stunts With His 3-Year-Old

What are you going to do for your kid's third birthday? OK, maybe you're not ready for kids yet. But hypothetically, what would you do? There are some pretty great child-proof gifts on the market. If you're looking to become your kid's favorite parent, the answer seems pretty simple: Make them a video, obviously. Timeless, digital age memories, people. It's what all kids want, apparently. This father who taught his daughter to snowboard and videotaped it won parenthood, forever and always. He doesn't need parenting lessons. He's got it covered. And seems to have mastered video editing in a way most dads can't.

Anyway, if you have a niece, nephew, child, or little sibling that you once taught a winter sport, this video is for you. (That category might be a little narrow, but c'mon, it's a dad and his 3-year-old daughter snowboarding. You WILL like it. You have two eyes and a heart, don't you?)

The father even puts a message at the bottom of the video:

"Happy 3rd Birthday Kinsley! Your adventurous spirit and our teamwork have created an amazing and magical time for us. I could even call it pioneering. Thank you for bringing this experience to my life. I love you with all my heart, Dad"

Your soul must be melting right now. Her name is KINSLEY, also. She's clearly a winner and will excel in everything she puts her mind to.

Here's the 3rd birthday video that Kinsley's dad made her in full:

If that little child were 20 years older, she would've (hopefully) yelled, "Jack, I'm flying!" at some point during this video. I guess we'll have to forgive her for missing that reference.

Between the fact that this girl's magical childhood included literally FLYING down a mountain and the fact that her father is a strong enough snow boarder to carry his child down the hill, it's safe to say this is one rock solid family.

Here's the woman this girl will probably grow up to be:

1. A legendary snowboarder

Extreme and untouchable to avalanches. That seems like her style. Ideally, she'll still be sporting a bright purple coat and bubble gum pink helmet, even after she moves to Alaska where everyone's sporting insulated down jackets and trendy hiking boots.

2. A noted member of Cirque de Soleil

She'll go to circus school, graduate top of her class, move on to join the traveling circus, become a world renown trapeze artist and then join Cirque de Soleil.

3. An Olympic diver

I mean, she already knows how to fly, what other qualifications are there?

4. McKayla Maroney's lookalike

Right now she's a bubbly child, but she'll outgrow that phase soon enough. Give it 6 or 7 years and she'll go through an angsty teenage phase and become unimpressed, just like McKayla Maroney.

Or maybe she'll become a viral video star. She's already halfway there.

Image: YouTube