'Pitch Perfect 2' Costume Designer Salvador Perez Reveals His Sartorial Secrets

After three years of radio silence, the Bellas are back for a second round in Pitch Perfect 2, complete with a wardrobe that would cause any fashion devotee to break into song. While the film's first chapter provided audiences with sufficient aca-awesome sartorial stimulation, costume designer Salvador Perez guarantees ensembles even more daringly dramatic in the sequel. Perez took a moment from his perpetually hectic schedule to discuss his aesthetic choices for Pitch Perfect 2 with Fashionista, from the Bella uniform transformation to the now-infamous pajama party scene.

As it so happens, the costumes in Pitch Perfect 2 are simply a bolder, brasher, and fundamentally edgier iteration of those utilized in the first film. Where the Bellas once wore a subverted flight attendant's uniform, there is now an ensemble composed of inky, formfitting skinny jeans and a mod vest with kicky Converse sneakers. And in lieu of a profusion of hoodies and denim, Pitch Perfect 2 boasts fit-and-flare frocks, sweet sweaters, and strappy heeled sandals.

Logically speaking, the sartorial metamorphosis between Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 is consistent with the style evolution that occurs during collegiate years. After three years, the shine of sporting pajama bottoms and hoodies to morning classes ultimately wears off, and the allure of clothing one actually has to zip, button, and snap sharpens considerably. For those die-hard devotees who never stopped using the term "Aca-scuse me" and find themselves tapping out the rhythm to "Cups" when in possession of a Solo cup, read on for Salvador Perez's best Pitch Perfect 2 wardrobe secrets.

1. The Bella's Uniforms Were A Hassle To Find In Bulk

While the Barden Bellas' skinny jeans and vests were a snap to purchase in bulk, Perez admitted that the gold track jackets were quite another story. "God bless the saleslady at New York & Co. in Baton Rouge, who tracked down 75 of the jackets for me," Perez exclaimed.

2. Anna Kendrick's Wardrobe For Character Becca Is A Footwear Frenzy

Disciples of Anna Kendrick's free spirited character Becca will be delighted to learn that Perez placed a great emphasis on footwear from Frye and All Saints to punctuate each insouciant ensemble. "With Beca, it was really about the shoes. She had 28 changes, so I bought her 10 pairs of boots to mix and match," Perez revealed.

3. Actress Hailee Steinfeld Was A Major Influence On Her Character's Wardrobe

Could Hailee Steinfeld be the next great actress-turned-designer? According to Perez, Steinfeld possess the sartorial prowess for the job. "She’s very aware of fashion and was very experimental. So I'd get these texts, 'Isn’t this outfit cute?' or, 'Look at this great top!' and I’d incorporate it into her wardrobe," Perez recalls.

4. The Film's Fashion Is Ultimately About Fun

Perez's pride in fashioning the wardrobe for Pitch Perfect 2 is abundantly clear, and it seems that the experience's most pivotal characteristic was maintaining playfulness with fashion. "As a costume designer, this is my best job ever. I’m so proud of this movie," Perez pronounced.

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