Cee Lo & Xtina's Teams Keep Us Warm on 'The Voice'

It's night two of The Voice's live episodes. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton's teams performed last night. There were highs and lows. There always are. I'm not a math gal, but according to my calculations, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green's teams performed tonight! Hooray for trigonometry. The second batch of performers were not messing around. Especially the members of Team Xtina. Woo, I needed an ice bath to cool myself down after Team Xtina graced the stage. The following are my six favorite performances of the night. The live results show will air Thursday. I'm already a nervous wreck... ing... ball.


Tamara Chauniece singing "I Will Survive": The coaches said it was her best performance. It was really, really excellent. It was a technically flawless performance (according to my untrained ears), and her voice sounded so full. I will definitely watch it again.

Kat Robichaud singing "She Keeps Me Warm": I thought this was her best performance. The coaches wanted more of her leg-kickin' attitude, but I appreciated the change of pace. The toned-down vibe was so different from what we've come to expect from Kat, but I think that's a positive thing. Showin' off that range! Also, she hugged a random person in the audience, which was a strange but endearing moment.

Caroline Pennell singing "We're Going to Be Friends": If you had told me during the Blind Auditions that I'd be rooting for Caroline during the live rounds, I'd tell you to back up and drive away. Because I can't handle a soothsayer in my life. The performance was nice, lovely, sweet, pretty, warm, and cotton candy (that one was Blake's contribution). She made deliberate, yet subtle, changes to the song that really, really worked.


Stephanie Anne Johnson singing "Georgia On My Mind": This was exceptional. It was more than exceptional. I know the coaches dig Stephanie, but I don't think they ever give her the credit that she deserves. Like, this blew me away. The coaches should've been curled up in the fetal position on the ground next to their chairs.

Matthew Schuler singing "Wrecking Ball": Xtina knew what she was doing when she gave him this song. She knew that I would freak out and start tearing up as soon as the song began. She knew that Matthew would smash this song like a… round weight suspended from a crane. I went nuts, the coaches went nuts, the crowd went nuts, and Carson begged everyone to stop going nuts because they were running out of time.

Jacquie Lee singing "I Put a Spell On You": I held my breath for Jacquie. How could anyone possibly follow the monster that is Matthew Schuler? Oh, it looks like I'm an idiot, because Jacquie SLAYED IT. This was a Juliet Simms/"Roxanne" breakout moment. She was so witchy and perfect. How is this girl only 16? Bananas. Her range somehow managed to be even more amazeballs this week. What a mini-diva.


Cee Lo told Caroline that if they were in school together, he "would've protected [her] from bullies and carried [her] books." I couldn't stop picturing the two walking down the halls of my high school together, pitching song ideas back and forth. Adorabs. As if that wasn't enough, Caroline bugged Cee Lo to share some of his raisins with her. What a precious, odd pairing.


Someone had the balls to censor Cher on Dancing With the Stars. N00b.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC