The New 'Legends' Trailer Explains A Lot

by Nick Romano

Your eyes did not deceive you, Arrow fans. That was Caity Lotz's Canary in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer. But wait! Didn't Sara die a horrible death on Arrow? Sorry to all of you who didn't know that, but it's been months. You've had plenty of opportunities to catch up and the spoiler warning precursor has surpassed its expiration date. So, back to the conundrum at hand: how did Sara Lance come back from the dead?

Back in October, Arrow Season 3 debuted with a devastating premiere. In the final minutes of the episode, Sara fell off a building after getting shot full of arrows by an unseen assailant. It was later revealed in the season finale [now, this is SPOILER WARNING worthy] that her attacker was Thea Queen under the influence of Malcolm Merlyn. No normal person would walk away from that — not even Mr. Oliver Queen. But that's the thing. She did die. She wasn't pretending to make a dramatic resurrection at a later time. She was unequivocally killed. Though the source behind her return was rumored in the past, the Legends of Tomorrow trailer confirmed that Black Canary will come back as White Canary by means of the Lazarus Pitts.

The Lazarus Pitts originated in the comics and is a mystical chamber with mysterious healing properties. It's how Ra’s al Ghul was able to keep himself alive for as long as he did. But with resurrection comes unexpected side effects. It's unclear exactly how Sara will be affected by these waters, but it's likely not just through her new White Canary persona. Lotz told Entertainment Weekly that there will be major differences coming her way.

There’s going to be some repercussions [from] whatever happened and it’s definitely going to make a difference in how she is. I’m really looking forward to it. The stuff they were telling me about it and where they’re going to go with the character is exciting.

In addition to this major reveal, the Legends of Tomorrow trailer also announced that Vandal Savage, a significant and immortal supervillain in the DC comics, will be the primary antagonist in this Arrow- The Flash spinoff. Along with a team that includes Atom, Hawkgirl, Heatwave, Captain Cold, Firestorm and a time traveler by the name of Rip Hunter, White Canary will travel throughout history to stop Savage's masterplans.

The series won't formally start filming until this summer, but you can watch the trailer below to get you pumped.

Images: The CW; Nick Romano/Bustle