Tyrion Might Cure What Ails Jorah On 'GoT'

Greyscale is so hot right now. After being hardly mentioned at all during the first few years, Game of Thrones Season 5 is carefully walking us through the deadly disease that has already infected Stannis’ daughter Princess Shireen. While we now know what greyscale is on Game of Thrones we already have a whole host of other questions to obsess over. Who else has it? Will Jorah recover from it? Is he starting a new plague by bringing it to Yunkai? Can dragons catch greyscale? Most importantly: Does Tyrion have greyscale after that blackout moment? Things are not looking so hot for everyone’s favorite imp and plenty of signs point to him contracting it. He was dragged underwater by a stone man (with a convenient blackout that kept us from seeing all the action) and though he said he didn’t have it, Tyrion has been known to lie on multiple occasions. Plus, Jorah was lying about his greyscale. Don’t worry — as dark as things seem now, I'd wager big money (like, King's Landing money) that Tyrion does not have greyscale, but that he could possibly be the key to curing Jorah. Tyrion’s just that good.

I know citing the books is not proof of anything that will happen on the show, since they are taking some (seriously amazing) creative liberties, but in the books, Tyrion does go up against the stone men, and emerges unscathed. It seems like they are sticking to that plot, and my guess is that when he finds out Jorah’s contracted greyscale, he will put his considerable education and resources to good use trying to heal him.

It might seem a little backwards that he would work to save someone who kidnapped him, but there’s a larger game at play here. Tyrion is on his way to see Daenerys and as a Lannister with some pretty nasty bad blood between their families he is going to need some fancy footwork to prove his worth to her. While Jorah has been banished from her presence, he still means something to Daenerys on some level. Until recently he was a trusted advisor (and unrequited admirer) and the circle of people she can trust is getting increasingly small. If Tyrion can find a way to stop the disease, keeping Jorah alive — he might just find his way into her good graces.

Shireen is living proof that greyscale doesn't always end with banishment to Valyria. King Stannis called on all of the healers in the seven kingdoms to find a way to freeze its progression, if not get rid of it completely. Sure, Tyrion doesn’t have that kind of money to throw around (anymore), but he is one of the best educated and clever men around. If he can find a way to be an effective King’s Hand with Joffrey on the throne, I'm fairly certain that curing greyscale should be a breeze.

Hopefully Jorah keeps his skin to himself and keeps Tyrion alive long enough to find Daenerys… and long enough to figure out the key to this greyscale mess he’s in.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO; Giphy