Rose Byrne Won't Be Wearing Doc Martens, Because Her Style Is More '70s Retro Than It Is '90s Grunge

Much like the '70s craze that is taking over the fashion industry, the '90s trend has been hot for a while, too. With Kylie Jenner's ultra matte makeup look spawning YouTube tutorial upon Youtube tutorial and the fashionable flannel of 1998 making its way back, celebs are no doubt thinking about what look from their past they may revisit. While she may be reflecting on socks and sandals or a matte, brown lip, Rose Byrne won't rock Doc Martens.

The Neighbors star is one fashionable lady, so she's sure to know how to pick trends. She has already jumped on the jumpsuit— Oh hey! unintended pun!— trend and knocked it out of the park. Not to mention that she sat front row at Chanel during fashion week and looked totally gorg. While the stunning actress appears to be willing to take fashion risks and try out new trends, the one thing she won't be revisiting are Doc Martens. Miley Cyrus rocked them in the "Wrecking Ball" video, and North West is apparently a big fan, but Rose just isn't feeling it. Speaking to InStyle, she explains, "The '90s were tough because I was a teenager ... and I had some bad Doc Martens experiences. I can’t return to those. I can’t go back."

We've definitely all been there. I can't even think about that cotton candy perfume I used to coat my body in during elementary school without gagging a little. You know that saying about too much of a good thing? Well, when it comes to cotton candy body spray, it's definitely true. So, maybe Byrne tripped in her Docs one day and hasn't lived down the shame. Who knows? But hey, we can't fault her not wanting to revisit fashion that's got some bad mojo attached. Just keep rocking those awesome jumpsuits, Rose!

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