10 Things You Learn From Having Sex With A Cat Man

by Christine Schoenwald

Ian Somerhalder, Jesse Eisenberg, Nathan Fillion, Tom Hiddleston, Ricky Gervais, and Jon Hamm all have something in common; besides being hot actors, they are all self-identified cat men. More and more single heterosexual men are telling the world that they own (or are owned by) cats. According to Hollywood movies it used to be that the only men who liked cats were either members of the mafia, or supervillains like James Bond’s Blofeld and Austin Power’s Dr. Evil. Since for so long there was a backlash against men who love cats, men who are now out of the cat closet have cattitude, and are confident, self-assured, and have come to terms with themselves, and what they value. Like their feline friends, they have evolved.

Men who own cats don’t just feed, them, and clean their litter box, they spend time with them, give them a ton of attention, and even create feline-friendly environments for their cats to climb, perch, play, and the all-important sleep.

Cats are super popular as they should be.They rule the internet, and I counted at least 5 shows just about cats on Animal Planet including the very popular My Cat From Hell staring cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy-who certainly breaks the stereotype of what a cat man looks like with his ink, and many piercings. Cat men are hot, surprising, and exciting.

1. "Meow" like "Aloha" means many things.

Felinise, the cat language made up of different kind of meows, yowls, growls, hisses and purrs is how cats communicate, and a simple meow can mean that they're happy, sad, they want to go outside(even though they're an indoor cat,) or even that they aren't feeling well. A cat man understands what his cat is trying to tell him. This understanding makes the cat man extremely good at picking up on the subtle clues of his partner especially in intimate situations.

2. Touch is everything.

A man who is good with his hands is gold, and cat men know how to pet, stroke, cuddle, and hold tightly, but without squeezing too much.

3. Relaxation does a body good.

One of the things about cats is that they know how to really relax while still being tuned in to their environment. A cat man knows the benefits of getting rid of tension, and is open to helping you release your stress with a personal massage or whatever it takes.

4. Love leads to more love.

Cat guys love their cats, and usually love all animals. The more you love the more love you have to give. Loving a cat is great practice for loving another living being, learning how to show your love and your affection, and how to keep someone satisfied.

5. People aren't difficult to figure out.

A cat man already knows where his cat likes to be scratched(the neck,) petted(everywhere but the back end,) and if their cat likes to be picked up. A cat man is attuned to the subtle clues people and animals give off, and will use this knowledge to give you what you want and what you need.

6. Cats don't have much of a sense of humor.

Dogs may pretty much think everything is funny and wonderful, but cats are more discriminating.You're not going to win over a cat man by doing cat comedy, so try bringing some cat treats with you the next time you sleep over.

7. Cats have first dibs.

If you and your cat man are hooking up, and Fluffy is sleeping right square in the middle of the bed, chances are you're going to have to be open to a change of venue. You might find a new favorite location for getting down and dirty.

8. Cat men are cool with themselves.

Although cat men used to be thought of as overly effeminate, the truth is most men who own cats are equally comfortable with both their feminine and masculine sides. This means they're open to trying new things and role-play.

9. Biting isn't just for killing something.

Some cats are more bitey than others and the purpose of their biting can change rapidly. They may start out wanting to play and then whip themselves into a biting frenzy. As long as both parties agree and no blood is drawn, biting can be fun for humans as well.

10. Keeping clean is a must.

Cats are always cleaning themselves, and a cat guy might assist with their cat's grooming by brushing/combing their fur. This helpful attitude when it comes to cleanliness might be why your cat man is so excited to join you in the shower.

There are as many different types of cat men as there are cats. And like cats, some men have long hair or short, some like to bite while others prefer just to cuddle and make your purr. As long as you treat your cat man's cat kindly and with respect when you're spending the night, his cat may grow to love you. Just get the cat on your side, you wouldn't want them to show their dislike by pooping on your shoes.

Images: thelittleone417/Flickr; Giphy(10)