Kanye West Has Inspired Adidas (And Pretty Much Everyone Else) To Be A Little Bit Bolder

Kanye West is known for his bold style, attitude, and opinions, and it seems that Adidas is following in his footsteps. The German-run athletic-wear company has a knack for all things minimalistic but, according to Fast Company, Adidas wants to become a bolder company. The new business model came after the launch of their Kanye West x ADIDAS ready-to-wear clothing line.

Since pairing with West, the company has been thinking of ways to become more fresh in the way they run their business as well as their designs. According to Biz Journal, Adidas moved it's head of design from Germany to Portland in 2014, hoping to reconnect with a trendier audience. They're also looking to connect with people across the globe instead of just well-established cities — a mindset that West could have inspired himself.

Whereas West's creations for the athletic wear line stayed to the minimalistic color scheme that Adidas holds onto, it showed the company that a fresh take to design could be just what the company needs. The brand without a doubt got more attention with the launch of the line, which seemed to have start the new mindset of entire company. It seems that West stole this mic at this show as well.

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West has a knack for sharing his bold opinion and making himself known, and his style speaks to that. With the confidence of a champion and a simple shrug when something goes wrong, he has single-handedly brought a stylish approach to looks that went out of style years ago.

1. Scholarly swag

Just when I though cap and gowns were the ugliest thing to ever be invented, West showed up and somehow made it work. A decade after The College Dropout, he walked across the stage to receive his honorary doctoral degree, making the bland look a little more stylish. Sound familiar?

2. Head to Toe Denim

He made an all-denim outfit look fabulous while rocking out with Rihanna and Paul McCartney. If that sentence doesn't say it all, then I don't know what does.

3. Monochrome monarch

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West was rocking the monochromatic look before it was the trend of the summer. He seems to have gotten the style from his mom, who passed away in 2007, and the style stuck with him through the years. Is momochrome a thing? Because if not, it should be devoted to the original Mrs. West.

4. Showing some skin


OK, so this look has been around for a while, but how often do you see a deep v-neck from men on the red carpet? He stepped up the style game, making people everywhere start to stop and stare at men at the award shows as well.

5. Shocking collaborations

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Not only has he worked with some of the greatest entertainers of all times, but he made the boldest collaboration of all times with Kim Kardashian. Along with his trends, West is singlehandedly responsible for many of Kardashian's newest trends.

It looks like he has become bored with his own style transformations and has taken on influencing the world.

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