When Is the 'Southern Charm' Reunion? Bravo Needs To Release an Official Date and Time, Stat

OK Bravo, it's time to stop playing around and start getting serious: when is the Southern Charm Season 2 reunion? You can't hold this information hostage from desperate fans forever. For some reason, even though Season 2 is basically over, they haven't officially made it clear yet. There's a listing on Bravo's website (and TVGuide, so it's not just a glitch) listing that on May 25, there will be a new episode of SC, but it has no description and the May 18 episode, "Election Day," is definitely the finale. What could be more final than finding out Thomas' political hopes were dashed once again? So the extra episode will probably either be a reunion or a "Secrets Revealed" special. A "Secrets Revealed" wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but there are so many questions that could be answered in a reunion that it would feel like a waste to miss out on one — especially after the first one was so hilarious.

And there are so many ways that the Season 2 reunion could be even better than the first. Kathryn is officially a cast member, so she won't even have to steal it: she'll just be the star. And they could add guests like Whitney's girlfriend, who's super famous in Germany and Austria, hear Cameran kick everyone's ass for being so immature, and find out what Craig and Landon's sets of parents really thought about the cast. And, of course, Patricia, who's the best part of any episode, would need a spot. She could even host! As was shown on the show, she's an amazing hostess of all-male dinner parties.

What's strange is that on Southern Charm's Facebook page, they're soliciting questions for the cast, while most of the time, Bravo shows film their reunion — with plenty of Facebook and Twitter-generated questions, of course — long before they air. This could, of course, just be a way for Bravo to engage their audience in advance of the finale. But they promise that the questions could be answered in "coming weeks."

They could be filming another live reunion on the Watch What Happens Live set, either live or in "coming weeks." It worked for Season 1, I guess. But there won't be an episode of WWHL on the night of that extra episode, so it would have to be either the week after or maybe the night of the finale. And that would be a disappointing way to end the season. Southern Charm may not have the super-long seasons that some of the Housewives shows do, but its finale at least deserves its own separate episode. This isn't Million Dollar Listing or Below Deck! This is Southern Charm, and fans deserve a real reunion as the second season really catapulted the Charlestonians that could into the Bravo Hall of Fame.

Certainly, their reunion should reflect their Southern roots — I'm expecting no less than the finery on display at the Founder's Ball. And I'm expecting no less than the explosive fighting on display at the Founder's Ball as well during the Season 2 Southern Charm reunion.

Image: Brianna Stello/Bravo; Bricesander/Tumblr