Zendaya & Taylor Swift Dance To Nicki Minaj At The Billboard Music Awards, Because She's That Good — VIDEO

If you weren't already excited to watch the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, I bet that changed earlier this week when a slew of new performers were announced, with one name jumping out from the rest. Just days before the big show, Billboard announced that Nicki Minaj would perform "Hey Mama" and "The Night Is Still Young" at the awards, making it a must-see. Besides the fact that Minaj always puts on an exciting show, this marks her first time performing "The Night Is Still Young" — though you would never know it from the ridiculously entertaining time she spent on stage. Minaj's performance started with a bang, as she appeared on stage in a killer skirt/bra/jacket combo and immediately began doing what she does best: rapping, kicking it off with "The Night Is Still Young." Unsurprisingly, us viewers at home weren't the only ones enjoying her performance.

As Minaj continued with "The Night Is Still Young," the camera cut to the audience, where Zendaya and Taylor Swift were dancing in front of their seats. They were clearly enjoying themselves, and though we only got to see them for a few minutes, I don't think Swift and Zendaya sat down for a while, since Minaj quickly segued into "Hey Mama." Watch the two stars dance to Minaj's hit single in the videos below.

I wonder if, like me, Zendaya and Swift had one complaint about Minaj's performance — it just wasn't long enough! We only got to hear a portion of each song, even though Minaj deserves as much stage time as possible. Hey Billboard Music Awards, next year, can you give us some more Nicki? I can guarantee at least two people in the audience will be happy — plus the millions watching at home.