How The Outfits In Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" Video Are Important And A Sign Of Her Ever-Growing Girl Power Vibes

Tonight at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, we all hung at the edge of our seats in anticipation of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video premiere. We've all been dying to see this video for months — for the song, the plot line, the amazing celebrity guest appearances (Lena Dunham and Cara Delevingne, to name just a couple!). But if you're like me, the most important part is the outfits.

Taylor's "Blank Space" video is a tough act to follow, of course. From her beautiful cream-colored Oscar de la Renta gown to her adorable pastel purple Kate Ermilio shorts, the video was a fashion knockout. For the most part, the outfits were all pretty hyper feminine, complete with lace, strappy gowns, and colorful pumps. In the video, she moves from more twee looks, with high-waisted shorts, crew neck tops, collars, and retro prints, into more classic Taylor ballgown looks. All of the looks are united by her signature bold red lip, her winged eyeliner, and her wavy blonde bob. They're all perfectly feminine, perfectly sophisticated, perfectly Taylor.

But based on the promos alone, it was clear that the "Bad Blood" video was clearly going to take a turn for the edgier.

Also directed by Joseph Kahn, "Bad Blood" is just as devious as "Blank Space." Only instead of scissors and golf clubs, T. Swift is armed with heavy weaponry and surrounded by a fierce army of her friends. And they are just as fashionable as they are fierce. In "Bad Blood" it is automatically clear that Swift is making a departure from the hyper feminine, and delving into rougher territories. Swift rocks futuristic outfits, like the white plastic-looking two piece with suspender-like shoulder straps. She accents these bold and robotic looks with sleek and slicked back hair, trading in her curly bob for a more fiercely poised look.

Swift and her army of powerful women, including Zendaya and Hayley Williams, all seem to be training for battle, throwing daggers and punches at each other in preparation for facing the opposing army, seemingly led by Dunham's character. Their intense smoky eye and heavily contoured cheekbones make them fiercely intimidating.

Clad in tight leather outfits, jumpsuits, and studded ensembles, the women hit the battlefield with their machine guns in tow. With a fire raging in the background, Swift's new red hair in this scene perfectly blends with the fiery warrior spirit of the scene. Every gal is decked out in leather jumpsuits, artillery, and long, stiletto-heeled leather boots. You couldn't look more badass even if you tried.

Although the aesthetic of this video is very clearly worlds away from the daintier and more feminine stylings of "Blank Space," some things remain the same. Girl power is an enduring theme in both, as T. Swift kicks major ass in both "Blank Space" and "Bad Blood." Swift's love for a good crop top/high waisted short combo does not go to waste in the new video, either, nor does her love for red lipstick and a bold eye.

"Bad Blood" shows a darker more sexier side of Swift. Her command, handling of a gun, and leather getups in this video assure you that Swift is not one to mess with. Even if she does like to wear sequin-covered ballgowns sometimes.

Images: ABC; taylorswift13/Twitter