If Peggy & Joan Start Their Own Company After ‘Mad Men’, Would Would The Harris And Olsen Spin-Off Be Like?

It was nice to get some girl time in the Mad Men series finale, with a lunch date between badass babes Joan and Peggy turning to talk of business. Turns out Joan is starting a production company, and she looks to Peggy as a potential partner. All of a sudden the Internet was bursting with some collective Twittergasm of "#HarrisandOlson." Is this finally, at long last, the Peggy and Joan spin-off we've been lusting for? Alas, it was not to be, with Joan forging the company on her own and Twitter having another convulsion over the culmination of Steggy, so we never got to see what a Peggy and Joan partnership would have looked like.

Ultimately, I think the decision made the most sense for their arcs. Joan, under the Holloway and Harris guise, learned to rely on herself, no longer operating as a secretary who leverages her sex appeal to achieve a false security. Peggy stuck to her art, the world of advertising, but learned to let her barriers down and accept Stan's hot, bearded love. Harris and Olson ended at lunch... but we can dream, can we?

As we kiss off one of television's greats, let's try to imagine what could've been. Here's a vague idea of what Harris and Olsen would have looked like.

Producing Lots Of Made-For-TV Movies About Wild Women Braving the Work Force

A risky move, even in the times of women's lib, but those connections in advertising mean that Playtex AND Clearasil have signed up as sponsors. And Virginia Slims is VERY interested.

Cameos From All Your Favorite Ladies

Megan thinks she'd be right for this one part... but she doesn't get the part. Sally skips college, still reeling a bit from the loss of Betty, and comes aboard as an intern. She leaves after four episodes, after falling into a passionate affair with Lou Reed.

Late Nights Working Hard, Later Nights Partying Hard

It'll be a while before CBGB and Studio 54 get running, but these girls know how to drink — and they know how to twist.

More Late Nights Staying In And Watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The show debuted in late 1970, and I feel like it would become a closeted fav of Peggy's. They'd view Mary Tyler Moore night the same way I view Girls night: sacred.

Make-Over Montage

"Really, Peggy? Plaid bellbottoms?"

Boss Apartments For Boss Ladies

ROOMMATES?! No. God no. They're strong, smart, independent women who deserve solid real estate investments. They do end up in the same apartment building on the Upper East Side, though. Joan leaves her mother in the dust, and Peggy no longer has to worry about stabbing her boyfriend in the middle of the night as a result of ceaseless paranoia.

Real Talk About Motherhood

Maybe one Pete Campbell love child floating somewhere in the universe is enough for Peggy. Maybe not. But with Joan's own experiences having motherhood awkwardly thrust upon her, she'd have someone to talk to about it.

If nothing else, Peggy would hopefully get less awkward after interacting with little Kevin on the regular. See: Mary Tyler Moore night.


Well, is it really arson if Peggy just HAPPENED to drop a lit cigarette on her way out of McCann Erickson?

Not Answering To Anyone

Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well.

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